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Aliens: Invasion
Author: Chris Burrows Submitted: 18th December, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 592

Edited By Chris Burrows on 12/18/2005

"ALIENS: INVASION" is a side-scrolling shoot-em-up game based on the movie ALIENS for 1 or 2 players.

The player(s) take control of a United States Colonial Marine. You are dispatched on planet LV-246 after all communcation is lost with the planet. Initially, the mission is to search for survivors, but soon it becomes to simply survive.

You must fight your way through a maze of hallways and sewers to find the source of the infestation.

Pulse rifle
Grenade launcher
Flame thrower

Face huggers
Mother Alien
Crazed scientists

1 player story mode
2 player story mode
2 player death match mode

I n . S p a c e . N o . O n e . C a n . H e a r . Y o u . S c r e a m

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 (2.91mb )

Posted by Kai Proton 18th December, 2005

I dont get it,

Its a TGF game, that came with the MMF dll,
a quick rename later and it run, with bogging ingame graphics, then crashed.

I will try again when i find the tgf dll

Posted by Kai Proton 18th December, 2005


I got the cncs32 and run this game,
this time it works no boggin, and it rocks.

Fast action, and hard,

the speed is something i never got back on my tgf games, it always got jerky..

RE-POST this with the correct dll and everyone will love this..
Posted by Roman-the-evil 18th December, 2005

really nice game.
Posted by Willy C 18th December, 2005

cool game. But it runs a bit to fast, and it would be cool if it supported joystic for 2 players. But you've removed the 'Ctrl + Y' action, so it can't be set up. Other that that - Good game.
Posted by Blueberry_pie 18th December, 2005

Played the first and a part of the second level and it seemed pretty cool
Will definately play the rest later on.
Posted by david-clarke 18th December, 2005

finished it, very good game: good gamplay, good presentation, good tension, good control system. Too bad it was over so soon.
Posted by Iv4n 18th December, 2005

"I n . S p a c e . N o . O n e . C a n . H e a r . Y o u . S c r e a m"

Actually in Earth no one can hear you and you are talking about space... Heh downloading it anyway.
Posted by Ski 18th December, 2005

The alien films were excellent. I was watching Ressurection the other night, i love how it ends.
Posted by Zethell 18th December, 2005

Willy Wanker (Monkey Business): Ctrl + Y' action only comes with Bad games that use the "Shitty" movements, that might be why theres no options for it, he might use custom movements.
Posted by Zethell 18th December, 2005

BTW, Less hotseat mp and more Online MP!!
Posted by Zethell 18th December, 2005

Nevermind about the custom movements.. this movements SUCKS.
Posted by Andrew Barontini 18th December, 2005

I dont know what your saying LetoZeth I thought it was fine. Nice job on this Chris. In my opinion this is one of the coolest games ive seen here.
Posted by Teapot 18th December, 2005

I'm so overjoyed you finished it! No one finishes games! I'll dl soon...
Posted by alastair john jack 18th December, 2005

Fantastic game, well done.
Posted by Butt Head 18th December, 2005

It crashed my computer... it crashed MY computer!
Posted by wario 18th December, 2005

Awesome game, I like everything in it
Posted by Chris Burrows 19th December, 2005

thanks guys
Posted by Isbeorn 19th December, 2005

It crashes on me from time to time, but I manage to reach new levels so I can continue. It's a great game, really creepy and good tension! Very nice!
Posted by Peblo 20th December, 2005

LetoZeth, are you a complete idiot? You can have custom movements and Control+Y.
Posted by axel 20th December, 2005

Of course you can. It's just to use the Player conditions instead of keyboard ones. Although it looks better if you make your own control setup using Control-X object or whatever
Posted by Willy C 20th December, 2005

Yeah, I want to edit the controls so I can use my Joypad with my mate!
Posted by Willy C 20th December, 2005

btw, when I start the sewer level there is no way to go.
Posted by Ryan Bloom 20th December, 2005

Extremely suspenseful, but the fact that it forcefully switches my resolution up to 1024x768 (Yes, I like 800x600) really, really pisses me off.
Posted by Chris Burrows 20th December, 2005

in the sewer, you have to duck and crawl through the vent
Posted by ben mercer 23rd December, 2005

I have to admit that even though this is a great site for free games, good ones are, in my opinion, somewhat rare. This one looks very good, just i think because you've been making the game you got used to the speed of the movement and didn't realise that no guy runs that fast! I like your graphics!

P.S. It did crash a few times.
Posted by Chris Burrows 1st January, 2006

yeah it is pretty fast. i didn't realise. sorry.
Posted by John Ragland 3rd January, 2006

I thought it was really cool and inspiring! I love the style of the game. It's perfect, the Aliens in the movies work just like this.
Posted by Krille 8th January, 2006

Y'kno its a great game but i agree the guy's running like a crazed cat , but the gameplay's good but try yo make it more like avp2 not asking for an fps but aliens got they speed marines got some nasty guns that way it should work i think.

Posted by Tomssuli 28th January, 2006

Heh, I played this through wit my girlfriend It would be nice to have more levels and the multiplayer game modes.
Nice game, a bit fast though but not unplayable. I like the atmosphere, it's just as it should be





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