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It's a Platform Engine...
Author: Silverdrake [Draconianware] Submitted: 4th February, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 192

Edited By Silverdrake [Draconianware] on 04/02/2006

For the past day or so I've been working on a custom platform engine. It's pretty well organized and any could probably re-create it, oh well.

Double jump
Wall kick
Basic CPM

PLease don't bother me about the graphics, as that was not my goal.

Ah yes, I almost forgot.

Right - Move right
Left - Move left
Shift - Jump
Right+Shift+Against wall - Left wall jump
Left+Shift+Against wall - Right wall jump

Please tell me about any bugs/faults you find besides the fact he floats at the beginning.

Review This Download (193.15 kkb )

Posted by Silverdrake [Draconianware] 4th February, 2006

I thought someone would say that...
Posted by 4th February, 2006

Its a ok engine Thumbs up.
Posted by Bibin 4th February, 2006

your link is stupid and broken. try dis one.
Posted by Silverdrake [Draconianware] 4th February, 2006

Posted by Noyb 4th February, 2006

First off, your main sprite changes its height while walking. It might be better to have everything move relative to the bottom detector, not the player sprite.

Secondly, grouping events is a good idea, but it's also good to leave more detailed comments just in case you forget what "loop 4" or something does later on.

Third, the whole point of using fastloops is to have pixel perfect collisions. Ideally, you should move the character one pixel at a time in the desired direction, and check for collision by: loop triggered + that direction's detector is overlapping a backdrop. Something's wrong with your y-axis movement because the character noticibly sinks into the ground when falling and the ceiling when jumping.

Fourth, your character floats in midair at the beginning of the level. That alone should tell you that there's something wrong with your falling detection code. Normally, a character should fall for one of two reasons: when he's finished jumping or when the bottom detector is not over a solid platform when he is not jumping.

Fifth, you don't really need to make detectors invisible for every single loop, just at the beginning of the level.

Sixth, for walljumping, you already have functionality for horizontal and vertical movement. Why do you need two more loops to do something you already implemented? Walljumping seems pretty finicky at the moment, too. Maybe it would be better gameplay to walljump just by jumping when next to a wall in the air, not having to push towards it too (which seems a bit counterintuitive).

Despite its current flaws, the engine is off to a good start, and it's commendable that you are trying to create your own engine.
Posted by 4th February, 2006

@noyb:I know silverdrake and before he relesed this he said "I don't want to fix the thing were he stands in mid air" so its not his code he just wanted to not fix it
Posted by Peblo 5th February, 2006

It is his code.
Posted by 5th February, 2006

I don't know if I made a engine I would fix it.
Posted by Silverdrake [Draconianware] 5th February, 2006

'Cause I'm too lazy *yawn*
Posted by 5th February, 2006

Yes you are.... somethimes
Posted by 5th February, 2006

He's working on it more and he allready fixed it.\
p.s A have a cold!!
Posted by 7th February, 2006

Cool 60% first thumbs up for you!
Posted by Mr. Esch 10th February, 2006

No offence but this sucks big time, no one in their right mind would implement it in their game. I probably say that because I can/have done better (if that isn't too bigheaded to say) - something you may consider using is detectors that use the fast loop object to ensure you dont sink a few pixels into the groud...
Posted by Silverdrake [Draconianware] 15th February, 2006

I tell you, I will come out will a newer, better engine!





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