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Missile Warning
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Edited By Toddfromaus on 01/03/2006

Missile Warning was started in early 1998 and has been untouched since mid 1998. I was using a P1 133 PC at the time and TGF was becoming very unstable as the game got towards 400 lines of code. In the end It became impossible to continue although by then it was only really cosmetic ending stuff that I was not able to finish, the game itself is complete. I had plans to do a single player portion but the instability of TGF put me off attempting an even more complexed game.

I had always planned to release it but wanted to tidy it up a bit first. 7 years later I found it while looking through backup disks. So I guess now is as good a time as any. The game was made in a time when screen resolutions were very low, harddrives were very small and internet connections were very slow so forgive the 640x480 resolution. Also even though it is only 940k there is a lot in it, all origional artwork, nearly 400 lines of code and 100+ active objects counters ect. Its not protected so do what you want.

So here it is Missile Warning is a 2 player RTS game. Bases and out building need to be built. Ore needs to be minned. Tanks Tank busters and Infrantry need to but built and trained. Units and buildings need to be upgraded. Theres also pill boxes, missiles and even a secret weapon of mass destruction.

MISSILE WARNING .. Jenkins v Dawson 2 player v.01

Jenkins v Dawson is a simple 2 player on one computer Real Time Strategy game. The aim is to build up a force in order to destroy your opponent.

How to play
Building and Upgrading
The buttons on the side of the game screen represent all the buildings, while the buttons at the top and bottom of the screen represent the units That can be constructed. At the start of the game only the buildings buttons are active. To build a structure simply place the control ball over the button and press Fire 1. Once the building is finished then the Unit buttons become active depending on which structure has been built. Once built the building or vehicle can be upgraded in the same manner. Strength, speed and upgrade speed increase with every upgrade.

To move a unit place the control ball on the unit and press Fire 1 you are then in control of that unit. Press fire 1 again to disengage Press fire 2 to fire weapons. Speed of unit is controled by unit upgrade

Missile fire
Once you have built a missile silo the missile button becomes active. The missile can now be upgraded as much as you like. Once upgraded, place the control ball on the missile silo and press fire 1. The control ball will now change to a ball with a light dot in the middle. The missile is now active so place the ball on the right spot and press fire 2 to launch.

Technology warfare
In the corner of the game screen is a button with a dish on it. This represents Technology research taking place in your H.Q . This is a secret so to check your progress place the controllball over button and a faint grey line will show you how far along you are. Each upgrade cost twice that of the normal upgrade but after 10 upgrades the devastation will be unleashed.

If worse comes to worse you may have to sell something in order to continue Once you have no credits left placing the control ball over the Factory, Silo or Barracks will display a $ sign. You cannot sell your HQ or Refinery as you need them. Once the $ sign appears fire 2 will sell the building and you will receive 100 credits.

Things you need to Know
The upgrade speed of the buildings is contoled by the upgrade status of the H.Q The upgrade speed of the units is controled by the upgrade status of the building responsible for the unit.
The Tank is more powerful than the Soldier but not as effective against Tank Buster.
The Tank Buster is just that although its weapon is best against steel not skin.
The Soldier is perfect for finding the weaknesses of the Tank Buster but Has less ability against the armor of the Tank.

Be careful not to block the door of the Factory with a vehicle.

Known bugs
Some key combinations do not work eg. if your walking down and left you may not be able to fire. Change keys in the game menu under players In some situations you may be able to overlap units this however does not effect the game play.

I hope you enjoy this game for any more information contact

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Posted by Andrew Barontini 28th February, 2006

Im getting a broken link.
Posted by Toddfromaus 1st March, 2006

There was a space after the .zip. Should be fine now
Posted by Toddfromaus 3rd March, 2006

Some comments would be nice.
Posted by Andrew Barontini 3rd March, 2006

I think that was pretty cool. Replace one of the "Control balls" with mouse and I think it would be much better. Also, Sadly I had noone to play with >.<. But I guess thats my own fault.




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