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Pika Pika V1.0
Author: Guspad Submitted: 13th March, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 56

Edited By Guspad on 2/21/2007

Edited By Guspad on 18/03/2006

This play will be thus an adventure having for hero the friend Pikachu who will have to release his "cousins" pokémon through ten levels... (the mode ventures)

VOLLEYBALL MODE In addition to this mode ventures, it will be possible to play volleyball ball to 1 players or 2, with a time of play to the choice. Small very instinctive phases will very quickly allow you to launch out on the play.

MODE DANCE DANCE to finish, the play will also contain a mode "dance dance" or you will have to make dancer pikachu with rate/rhythm to increase your score near a character celebrates...


There is a flat, the play weighs heavy, even very heavy! ==> 90Mo
Today we do not want any more to limit us not to exceed a certain weight, it is thus I think a beginning of this idea which is there...
However I thought all the same of those of which connection is not brilliant (me even I follows only into 512) and I separated my play into two part!!!


here how to proceed:

_ First of all download the two parts of the play
_ It is necessary for you then to extract all the files on the same place, it does not matter which provided that all the files is joined together. (the office for example)
_ Later click on the file "Recompose.bat" which will open a window DOS
_ read then the indications (it is enough for you to press on a key and to wait)
_ This bat file will gather the files between them and to create the final installation of Pika Pika
_ It any more but does not remain you to install the play on your computer and to launch you on this one!

(if you encounter a problem, référrez you with file READ ME)

If you download the play here you will have the n°1 part, you thus owe telecharger the second part here:

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 (40 mkb )

Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 13th March, 2006

Can you provide a couple more screenshots? Particularly with a download of this size, they're important.
Posted by Guspad 17th March, 2006

Can you add add my play to your news/download once that made?

I add now!
Posted by Silveraura 18th March, 2006

Doesnt look to bad, but that Installer screenshot is showing people exactly what they dont want to see. I doubt many people will download it if you have an installer, and you actually tell people you do.
Posted by Guspad 18th March, 2006

Ok I arrange that. Disappeared Hop! ^ - ^ Would be it possible that an administrator now reveals the play in the "downloads" of this site.
Posted by Silveraura 18th March, 2006

You know that getting rid of the screenshot of an installer won’t get rid of the fact that you’re going to tick people once they find out that it does have one. Chances are, even though people download it, the sight of an installer will make the Delete key very vulnerable to attack.
Posted by Guspad 18th March, 2006

Yes I imagine. Finally thank you for the council in any case!
Posted by DaVince 19th March, 2006

Do you mean advice?

I will download this, it looks good.
Posted by Darvel 19th March, 2006

It's funny hard. It's hardly fun. ^^
Posted by Joey vvvv 20th March, 2006

Screw Poke Mon, this what PikaChu should HAVE been about!Platforming, 16-bit graphics, score ranking, and a game to himself!Nice job.

Posted by Guspad 20th March, 2006

If you liked the game, do not forget to vote for him of low on the left in the survey of the week!
Posted by axel 21st March, 2006

Posted by Fadex 22nd March, 2006

aaaa... 40 mkb??
Posted by Guspad 23rd March, 2006

sorry ^-^
Posted by Airflow 25th March, 2006

You shouldn't include so many mp3's and mpegs. What? Are you afraid people will steal your ripped midi music? There goes about 30 mb(out of the 97 unzipped)

I liked the openingn video. But I'd rather download it separately from the actuall game. Pointingly, the size to game size ratio is not a pretty one. (Something like 400:1)
Posted by Guspad 27th March, 2006

I really did not want to limit me by the size with this game and it is true that it is a little heavy (90Mo)... But I found that the vidéos were worth really the blow!





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