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Meteor Shower
Author: Professor Submitted: 30th March, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 36

This is an arcade game I made out of boredom. Basically, you have to destroy meteors heading for Earth. You control a tiny spacecraft and face meteors your size. Whenever meteors hit the Earth, Earth's HP goes down. When the HP bar is 0, it's Game Over. Everytime you shoot down a meteor, you get 20 points. Every 200 points, the speed of the meteors increase.

Left Arrow Key - Move Left
Right Arrow Key - Move Right
CTRL Key - Fire lasers (Hold to fire repeatedly)

BGM Selection System (For the sake of sounding fancy and expensive) - Numbers 1 - 0 change the BGM during gameplay. 0 for No BGM/No Music. Check HELP for the midis played by numbers 1-9. The default midi is number 1.

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 30th March, 2006

I've accepted this, but you might want to choose a better host - the one you have seems very slow.
Posted by 30th March, 2006

Oh my.
Posted by Cecilectomy 31st March, 2006

THIS WAS MADE WITH TGF!!!??? my god that was horrible.
Posted by Cecilectomy 31st March, 2006

oh and also. Unless you really DID copyright this (which no one in their right mind would pay to copyright this) you should prolly take the copyright statement out of your game.
Posted by Cecilectomy 31st March, 2006

uh...yes you do. patents, copyrights, and a friend looked into it. it costs about as much as tgf standard. if not a little bit less. something like 30 dollars for a copyright. but thats only LEGAL
REGISTERED copyrights...but i guess no one cares about being legal now do they?
Posted by Flava 31st March, 2006

Yeh you have to pay for a patent or trademark of something, but LEGALLY "anything" you produce is copyrighted to you. You can pay to make it "officially" copyright I believe, but that's just for protection of your idea, not for actual copyright.
Posted by Cecilectomy 31st March, 2006

exactly. but what good is it if no ones gonna back you up. you have to register your copyright for it to actually mean anything. otherwise anyone can take your idea or product and basically reproduce it scotch free. thats why when copyrigts patents etc. expire you start getting cheap knockoffs. (basically same thing with a different name for a cheaper price)
Posted by Zi-Xiao 31st March, 2006

the simplest way to officially copyright something you own? Mail it to yourself. Mail records are kept by the government for a very very very very long time and its also easy to pull up in case you need proof.

"thats why when copyrigts patents etc. expire you start getting cheap knockoffs"
That only happens when a patent expires. Cheap knockoffs of copyright material are everywhere. ESPECIALLY in games.

BTW, even if you copyright something most people wouldn't have the means to fight a serious legal battle in a case where your rights have really been violated anyways so the whole concept of copyright for the average guy is like a paper shield.... A rice paper shield actually.
Posted by axel 31st March, 2006

System of a Down sucks...
Posted by axel 31st March, 2006

... Quite a bit.
Posted by Kazuma 1st April, 2006

N00Bs usually:
-"copyright" their stuff.
-make installers for their games.
-use packaged and/or terribly ugly custom graphics.

These things, however, are enough to ruin even something called "the coolest and most incredibleest fun game ever!"

Better luck next time Professor.
Posted by steve 1st April, 2006

wow, I havent seen those library graphics in a long time!
Why upload a game using default library graphics (and likely default movements. I didnt bother downloading)?
Posted by Heart Break Kid 2nd April, 2006

Why the hell is that spacecraft sliding over the earth.???? And did'nt columbus have already proved that earth is'nt flat? and one last thing.. It certainly didnt look like a sun in space so what the hell was it doing with all those stars..?? wasnt a moon supposed to be there?

but those stars looked more like a graph paper!
Posted by Del Duio 2nd April, 2006

I only "legally" copyrighted Equin Village with the Copyright office because I felt its characters and etc had the most potential for me. But it's a huge pain in the ass to do:

You have to mail the first 25 and last 25 pages of your source code, color printouts of a bunch of screenshots, the actual deal (on a CD-ROM), a completed application for an audio-visual work, a synopsis, AND a $30 filing fee.

And yes, by mailing it to yourself (poor man's copyright) it would probably work too. My old band used to do that with our music tapes back in the day. The government doesn't actually give you the copyright, all it does is register it with them.

Oh, and it can take up to FOUR MONTHS to get a confirmation, so if anyone wants to get one, start early!




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