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Author: pp (Poland) Submitted: 10th April, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 47

Edited By pp (Poland) on 12/23/2006

Hi! First sorry for my English .

"Siup" mean something like hop or jump. The game have online hi-scores system and you can send your result to But if you will send your result you should be registred on and log in(?). "Siup" is a little game, you must siup out Potato's Head. You can also play the game online (vitalize version) -


Evil and mean, dangerous Potato's Head attacked our innocent Pixel Land and this monster is terrifying our turists. Potato's Head attacked our grocery and stole all candys.

You are our last hope. Only you can help us. Please! Please! Siup out this monster of Pixel Land and help our sweet land. You will achieve lame! Just think - you will be idol of teenagers! Think over this...

You can siup out Potato's Head. You must push in field and opposite field will siup monster. You can win points. However, be careful because Potato's Head is a great wizard and he can call his evil warriors.

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Posted by Hempuli 11th April, 2006

Funny graphics!
Posted by Hempuli 11th April, 2006


Strange and ugly music
The game language could be england?

Nice graphics
Funny idea!

2˝ stars
Posted by Mruqe 11th May, 2006

Witam kolege
Wlasnie zasysam Twoja gre. Ciekawe, ilu Polakow jest na TDC... ?

Posted by Mruqe 11th May, 2006

Ok, gra daje radę. Podoba mi się grafika - stare czasy się przypominają. Ale pomysłu trochę brakuje... No i zawisiła się, kiedy nie pozwoliłem jej się połączyć z netem na początku...
Posted by pp (Poland) 8th June, 2006

Znalazło by się kilku
Posted by $koko$ 13th August, 2006

Cześć fajna gierka widac cieszko prace grafika jest Cool`owa
Pozdrawiam wszystkich polaków na TDC
Posted by games2factory 26th August, 2006

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