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Maximum carnage 2
Author: Dovid Submitted: 4th May, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 187

Edited By Dovid on 05/05/2006

Edited By Dovid on 05/05/2006

Edited By Dovid on 05/05/2006

Edited By Dovid on 05/05/2006

Maximum carnage 2 is a survival game where you must defend your position with a machinegun and a rocket launcher . The point of the game is to get the highest score you can get. This game has been started in KnP than updated and finished in TGF.

Some graphics have been drawn by hand while some others are tgf pixel arts.

The music has been taken legally on machinae supremacy's website except for the music in the main level, which is a red army chorus song.

I wasn't alone in this projet, my friend got the main idea for the game, and we started creating it together with the intention of making a stupid and funny game. While it is not the most complex game you'll have played, it is still fun to play if you like that type of game. Oh and it's multiplayer.

At the start of the game you'll have to choose between a laser aiming system or a light to upgrade your gun. Shift to shoot with the automatic gun and Enter to launch rockets.


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Posted by Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) 5th May, 2006

looks kool!downloading...
Posted by Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) 5th May, 2006

Not really my style,but awesome game!Thumbs up ^^
Posted by Dovid 5th May, 2006

Posted by Guspad 5th May, 2006

Very good game!
Posted by 5th May, 2006

At least come up with a ORIGINAL NAME im voting down because you stole another games name.....
Posted by Kazuma 5th May, 2006

Pretty fun, but the foreign installer sucked.
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 6th May, 2006

Ha Ha lol, i could play these games all day, nice work
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 6th May, 2006

but just wandering did you get a one of the sound effects from anb annoying game called 'n'??
Posted by Dovid 6th May, 2006

Thanks everyone for your honnest comments!

It's only after I posted it here that on I found a game called maximum carnage and I was like oh fuck... The ''2'' has been added after the name because I wa smaking an episode one before this, which was never posted for some reasons.

I don't know 'n'. I doubt that the sound efect you're thinking about has been taken from that game.

Posted by The Chris Street 6th May, 2006

I love "N"!
Posted by Roman-the-evil 7th May, 2006

Although concept is pretty basic, the presentation of the game is awesome and music is very well picked. I found myself enjoying the game several times. Can you make a one-player mode? I mean like, make a mode, which is more suitable for 1 player.
Posted by Dovid 8th May, 2006

I am now veery busy with other projects, and with my work, so it if I ever make a 1 player mode it would be in some months. But I could eventually make one . Thanks for your comment!




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