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Animi Memoria (Gameplay Demo)
Author: NMasutaa Submitted: 15th June, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 65

Animi Memoria is a platform game I have been working on.

At this time, I am trying to come up with good ideas for the gameplay, so I came up with the ideas in this demo and made them using various pre-made resources. Note that this demo was made to see what people think of the gameplay system I came up with only. The real game will feature mostly original graphics and different characters (although it will still have a lot of Nintendo characters in it).

My goal is to make a game simple for people to easily understand, with a fairly challenging difficulty, and also make sure that the game has a fresh, unique feel to it.

In this demo, the character the player controls is Kirby, in traditional platform style. He can run using the arrows, jump with [S], attack with [D], and ground pound by pressing down in the air, and must reach the end of the level without running out of hearts (though in the real game, there will be different kinds of levels in which this may not be its objective). However, a new twist is that he can also team up with a partner character. There are two partners made for this demo: Yoshi and Pit.

By using [A], the partner will use his special ability: in Yoshi's case, aiming and throwing eggs. In Pit's case, deflecting projectiles with his Mirror Shield.

As well, with [W] Kirby and his partner can also enter 2x Formation, which changes the way they move and gives them a new attack (though it is the only attack that can be used). Riding on Yoshi's back allows him to jump higher and ram into breakable walls by using a dash attack. Allowing Pit to carry him lets them fly through the air, rapidly firing arrows whenever necessary.

I made this demo to mainly see what people thought of the gameplay. Sorry about the ripped and pixelated sprites and random selection of graphics, as I intend to make the real game look better. Please review so that I know whether I should keep working with this gameplay system or come up with a different idea!

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Posted by Hempuli 15th June, 2006

strange.... but funny
i like this game!
thumbs up.
Posted by 15th June, 2006

Since I liked Yoshi as a option.. Thumbs up!
Posted by Ski 15th June, 2006

Kingdom hearts musik

Posted by -Nick- 16th June, 2006

Quite liked the teaming up idea and stuff... everything seemed to be twice the speed it should be and i found myself zipping down holes all the time ><
Posted by Lupies 16th June, 2006

Idea was pretty cool. But don't use any of the Nintendo characters, or music that is too easy to recognize for that matter. That would make the game much better and original.
Posted by Teapot 17th June, 2006

Lupies didn't read the escription At the moment it is really buggy, but very promising. I love the idea.





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