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Bacteria 2
Author: Simon Donkers Submitted: 15th June, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 54

Bacteria 2 is a hard logic puzzle game.
You are the green army. You need to destroy the red army. You can rotate a stone clockwise by left clicking on it. Even though the controlls sound simple, the game is not. It will require quite a bit of tactics before you win the game.


* Easy, normal and hard mode
* Arcade mode with many unlockables
* Multiplayer mode, both online and offline

Bacteria 2 has been awarded the EO seal of quality.

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Posted by Milo 18th June, 2006

I like it, but it's annoying when 3/4 of the screen is being converted each turn
Posted by Jakob37 19th June, 2006

It`s a good game but it feel like you not are coming anywere, you and the computer just takes the same over and over again...
Posted by 27th June, 2006

Dude Alt+F4 is not supposed to change the window size. The X button in the top roght of windows are supposed to WORK and Escape doesn't work right click close doesn't work Ctrl+alt+delete doesn't work you have to click it twice to close it DUDE PEOPLE NEED TO BE ABLE TO QUIT YOUR PROGRAM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME
Posted by Simon Donkers 24th July, 2006

I am the creator of this game. To answer some comments.
Eo is a community of developers of which I am one of the members, see It's not a seal of quality I give out self about myself.

The game can get annoying if you keep doing the same as the enemy. When you learn the right tactic these situations can easely be avoided however.

F4 switches to full screen mode. Due to limitations within the development environment the close button can not be used nor alt+F4. However simply pressing the close button does work. This will be fixed in the newest version of the development tool. My apologies for the inconvinience.




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