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Snowball Fight
Author: Mike Gnade Submitted: 15th June, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 41

Edited By Mike Gnade on 16/06/2006

Edited By Mike Gnade on 16/06/2006

Edited By Mike Gnade on 15/06/2006

This is just a little game I whipped up using the Mode7 effect. It actually turned out to be pretty fun. The object is to get the highest score by hitting penguins with snowballs. If you run out of health or snowballs, the game is over, but as you beat all the penguins the level increases and you get significant score bonuses.
The Controls are simply:
Arrow keys- move player
Space- Throws Snowballs

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Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 16th June, 2006

its just the mode 7 ex example file but u have replaced all the graphics...
Posted by Ski 17th June, 2006

And its not a fight, more like... an attack!
Posted by ben mercer 17th June, 2006

Don't give us an install program it's not necessary

Also if this is a snowball fight, whats with the brown floor.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 17th June, 2006

That's a pretty good question... T_T
Posted by Heart Break Kid 20th June, 2006

good job, would have been better if there was a better environment.





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