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AI Engine
Author: Milo Submitted: 18th June, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 188

I made this engine in 2 hours for AI. It figures out which AI is the most harmful and shoots it. The factor that decide this is which enemy is closer. Although it shoots really fast and looks like it's shooting random objects (Which it's not)it still works. The score goes up 1 each time the smarter AI kills a dumb AI and dumb AI spawn about every .02 secs. It might save someone some time, but AI isnt too hard to make. The AI fighting can go on for quite a while.The graphics arent great, but you can modify those. Afterall this is just an engine

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Posted by Kazuma 19th June, 2006



It DID look like random shooting at first until I remembered, TGF only has 32 directions. This would have been a lot better with a 360 degree shooting engine built in, but I suppose that wasn't the point of this file, was it?

It's not really that good of A.I., in the sense that it's simple; it determines which... um... spikey pink E ball thing... is closest, and shoots at it.

Not bad though.

Oh, and though you said it can go on for quite a while, I had one run that didn't even last one second.
Posted by Milo 19th June, 2006

About the AI... I'm working on a better AI engine.
Sometimes it gets a swarm of enemies where it cant hit or 2 AI are the same distance away (that really screws it up)

Also I have a 360 degree shooting engine , but it might not work. I'm not sure.
Posted by Keatontech! 19th June, 2006

The coolest part of the download is the download page Designed by yours truly!

Anyway, it seems to work, but I just can't image what type of game would use this AI. And you say my engines are useless...
Posted by Milo 19th June, 2006

Also I am your brother and we hate each other.
Oh and it's an Engine. I think you can tweak an engine
Posted by Mruqe 19th June, 2006

You wasted 2 hours of your life and 2 minutes of mine.
Posted by Keatontech! 19th June, 2006

He made me do the download page! That wasted like... 5 minutes!
Posted by Milo 19th June, 2006

You volonteered to make I did not make you (I discourages it).

I know it's not great, but I had nothing else to do. I might make it so it can be considered as a good AI engine. I was hoping people would use this to help make games not just a bare engine. Also I'm hoping people are voting. I want to see if it gets 50%+ or 50%- or 50%
Posted by Kazuma 20th June, 2006

I voted!
Posted by Bibin 22nd June, 2006

I'll vote thumbs up if you and keaton stop bickering.
Posted by Milo 22nd June, 2006
Posted by DeadmanDines 24th June, 2006

Use this (or the basic AI idea anyway) for an enemy turret gun.

Could be an idea to advance it perhaps by prioritising. Get the system to check how much health each target has and determine which is wisest to shoot at.

E.g. The closest enemy may only have 1 health left. The 2nd closest may have 10 health left. Both enemies are too far away to cause damage to the turret. It is wiser to shoot the stronger enemy first, since he will take longer to die.

The weaker enemy can be killed in 1 shot, so he can be left until the last minute.

You could have a distance of perhaps 64px around the turret, and call this the last-chance area. Any enemies within this area are given top priority, since they pose an immediate threat.
Posted by ben mercer 27th June, 2006

I dunno deadman, i can't see that making a worl of difference. The real prioritisation element would come in with different types of enemies. Heres an example:

There are two types of enemy; one with a powerful melee attack and one with a weaker ranged attack. To minimise damage to itself the turret would target enemies in this order:
1. nearby melee enemies (because their attack is strong)
2. ranged enemies that are in range or nearly in range
4. faraway melee enemies
5. faraway ranged enemies
Posted by N-Ware 16th June, 2007

I haven't tryed it but it looks good!!!




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