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Bob The Schizo!
Author: colej_uk Submitted: 29th June, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 428
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Its here! The player controls Bob; just a normal guy who gets caught up in an evil plot to take over the world. Fortunately, Bob knows how to handle a gun, two guns in fact. During the game Bob can fire two guns at once, allowing you to mix n' match your weapons to your liking. Want to use your Uzi while blasting away with a shotgun? No problem...

-Bob's adventure spans the entire globe. From London to New York, and Columbia to Siberia, you're always on the move across 26 levels.

-Bob The Schizo features positional sounds and a variety of different music styles to build tension or to keep your pulse pounding. Including 13 licenced music tracks from various artists, and loads of high quality sound clips.

-Bob can use a huge collection of 25 weapons in akimbo. From sub machine guns to katanas, flame-throwers, riot shields, shotguns, and assault rifles.

*Warning: Violent Content! If you are offended by cartoon violence, please don't download this.

*WinRAR, or equivilant archive program required to unpack the download.

*I may make a light version later without the music and some sounds to cut the size down.

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Posted by Jason Orme 29th June, 2006

Very impressive.

Controls are alittle tricky, but atleast you can change them.

Very tough game though, wish it was easier so I could experience more of it.
Posted by Nev6502 29th June, 2006

Yeah, when I press buttons the action happens like 3 seconds later.
Posted by BeamSplashX 29th June, 2006

That jungle environment seems far more detailed than the rest of the graphics.
Posted by thewreck 29th June, 2006

the boxes at the houses really bugged themselves. one started moveing up inside the wall of the elevator and 4 or 5 of them merged outside in the yard.. dont really know what to make of that-
Posted by AndyUK 29th June, 2006

it seems like the cutscenes and intro are better than the game itself, it seems that the main engine could have been made more solidly.
But it's certainly a well made game from what ive played so far.
I'll try again (because i dived out the window on level 1 and died lol)
Posted by Assault Andy 29th June, 2006

You have obviously put a lot of work into this game as demonstrated by the amount of graphics and professional quality of the game in general. However, there are some key gameplay elements which make this game simply frustrating to play.

Firstly, the controls are horrible. I can feel my hand cramping up having to reach shift\tab and ctrl all with my left hand. You say you've put in control customization, but all I seem to be able to change is my movement keys, be it wasd\arrows\ijkl. (correct me if I'm wrong.)

Secondly, the level design encourages frustration with parts where you have to execute a move such as a dive. If you fail this move you must then walk a long distance (sometimes failing one part means you have to go very far back, maybe even a few dives\moves away).

Also the actual fighting isn't really very fun. All you do is look in the direction of the enemy and keep pressing shoot until they die, you can't really dodge their bullets and they can't dodge yours. It comes down to a simple 'best gun wins' policy.
Posted by _rydin 30th June, 2006

Well I finally got around to playing this. The first thing I noticed was the cool intro. Next I saw an edited max payne title screen. Then came a cinematic (I'm guessing that the game is very cinematic, good job, I mean it), and then I was in a room. And thats as far as I got. I pushed every button on the keyboard, but nothing got me out of that room. It's quite a shame; while what I saw of it has done so much right, like the soundtrack, cinematics, 2 weapons, the rest seems very "thrown together".

It's worth a thumbs up though. Great job; its obvious that tons of effort was put into this game (its 60 mb), but that small room problem kinda discouraged me...

Ps- bob looks like a lego guy
Posted by Jason Orme 30th June, 2006

I had the same problem, I had to then play the tutorial to find out what to do
Posted by Willy C 30th June, 2006
Rated :

This game is great! Thumb up. Although, it has a serious problem, every large level slows down my computer so that every action I make is delayed a few seconds.

Get your hands on MMF2, hopefully you didn't use that many extensions so you can build it quickly in MMF2
Posted by steve 30th June, 2006

Fantastic presentation and intro, nice in-game graphics.
Very pleased to see that default movement was NOT used!
Some nice moves etc, fairly good collisions, particles (although a bit erratic).
Now onto the bad stuff: (sadly)

*The main game feels flickery and uncontrollable (even on my fast PC)
*The moves sometimes feel unresponsive (causing deaths which are not the players fault - very bad in any game)
*unable to duck or aim? again, very bad for this kind of game.

Alot of effort has gone into this project and I give it a thumbs up, but it needs a good cleaning before it can become something very playable.

Posted by colej_uk 30th June, 2006

Ok, guys thanks for the feedback.

I actually finished this back in Feburary, but I haven't been doing any game making since then.

Compiling it in MMF2 sounds like a good idea, that might fix the performance problems. I've tried in on 3 systems so far; my amd64 3200 and my core duo laptop run it fine. I've also tried it on a 1.1ghz althlon with savage 3 graphics, which ran it poorly when the screen was scrolling but fine when it wasn't (so it was playable if you stopped to engage the enemies). I think animation bugs occur more when its running slowly. You cold try and turn off some of the effects, or the sounds, or run it at normal res which might speed it up a little, I don't know. The truth is that I'm not a very efficient coder when it comes down to coding platform engines!

As for the controls, I thin this is one of the games you need to get a bit of a feel for to play properly. I recommend the tutorial to first time players. I find the controls fine if you just use your right hand for directions, and left hand over the other (left) side of the keyboard controlling shift and control for fire, Z & X for changing weapons and tap to sprint.

As for the gameplay, I didn't want to do aiming because it would mean you would have to have your hand on the mouse and the other on movement, which would be hard as you coldn't have your hand on the sprint/change weapon etc controls.

The gameplay is just run n gun, but to make sure its not just random there are moves you can do with sprint combos like the slide kick and wall jump which can knock your opponents out. Again, I recommend the tutorial for this.

As for the levels, I think the worst levels are near the start, especially that one with the box puzzle (I wish I ditched that now). However, there is a way you can bypass it if you wall jump from the wall on the top floor over the barrier and hold down right so you shoud land by the vent which allows you to carry on. I promise you once you get past that level, things liven up a bit with the car-chase sequence then the plane and jungle levels.
Posted by Willy C 30th June, 2006
Rated :

You gotta fix that air plane crash level. When the plane is grinding on the ground Bob can't move. Think is a bug, I've tried waiting for 5 minutes, but the plane still grinds and nothing happens. Fix please!
Posted by Kai Proton 30th June, 2006

This Rocks, But it runs like a slut on my PC..ARGH! I gotta Sort it out some how,
even in a center window with my Res.
Posted by Greasy 30th June, 2006

My runs slow, and my PC is 2.7 GHZ, 256MB Nvidia FX5500 GFX, 1.5 GB RAM. Only slow when scrolling. You recommend the tutorial? I couldn't dive because the controls were so unresponsive due to the slowness. This could've been a very good game if it were just more optimized.
Posted by Kai Proton 1st July, 2006

I had the Same Problem, and after running it in all 3 options, I run it finally on 8x6 centered and now its fine, full speed and responsive,

it rocks but I cant kill off the terroist leader in the vault, I guess I need more Practice..
Posted by colej_uk 1st July, 2006

For the terrorist leader guy, just keep moving away and don't go directly below him to shoot him apart from when he reloads, and you should be fine.

I appologise again for the performance, hopefully I will look into getting mmf2 and then optimizing it and bring out a second edition version. I'm afriad movement bugs are most likely down to performance.

However, it seems some people are having problems with performance when they clearly shouldn't.
Posted by Del Duio 1st July, 2006

Holy crap! There's no way my 500Mhz will play this, and by the time the 56Ker could DL'd it, I'd be 80 or so, but the graphics looks very awesome. That must have taken forever to do, thumbs up!
Posted by Kai Proton 1st July, 2006

Colej_uk, Its a great game, but honestly I didnt do wanything except try all the screen modes, after i played with all 3 then 8x6 in the centre runs like a dream for me..

That two guns Idea is great, something that should have been put into the FPS's long ago,
Posted by Kai Proton 1st July, 2006

oops, forgot I would like to see the ability to duck, problem there would be the bad guys would need to be able to do that too, otherwise they would just look dumb...
The only but I found to report so far is when I get done in by the terrorist leader, he carries on shooting and walks off the side of the screen, through the wall if its there. lol

Posted by Willy C 1st July, 2006
Rated :

You gotta fix the plane level bug. Bob is stuck while the plane grinds the ground.
Posted by colej_uk 1st July, 2006

Ok, I'm going to post the noclip cheat here as it seems performance problems are preventing some people from continuing. I must urge people not to use them unless they are absolutely stuck, otherwise they will probably mess up the game experience.

To use the cheats, you have to press the ` key (next to 1), you should see some text on the upper left sode of the screen then type:

1987- noclip mode
2005- return to normal mode

And to mention something else, in the game heatshots do a lot more damage then torso shots, and also knock the enemies over, if if your having problems, jump and fire when your coming back down level with the enemy's head.

Posted by Willy C 2nd July, 2006
Rated :

somehow I can't enter the console. I've got a Norwegian keyboard, so I always have problems activating consoles and such... damn!
Posted by Fadex 3rd July, 2006

Great game!
I'm on the level with a train, and a helicopter...
It's very hard!
Posted by Willy C 3rd July, 2006
Rated :

I managed to figure out your INI mess and cheated past the level where Bob gets stuck. Now I'm in another pickle, its impossible to climb that crashed plane when the jump button is delayed!
Posted by NeoHunter 3rd July, 2006

Production values on this game are through the roof, but they also lead to a problem. I'm on a Pentium 4 2.8 ghz PC, and I get about 10-15 FPS total. I've played with every setting in the game, nothing will fix this...hence I can't really get into the game.

HOWEVER I can easily tell a great deal of time and work went into this game, so I'm going to give it a high rating...but I would really like to play it from start to finish someday.

Ahh, time to consider a new PC I guess.
Posted by Kai Proton 3rd July, 2006

Hold on Neo, My PC is only a Sempron, and I think its clocking 1.8,

did anyone with these problems actually look in the options and turn down some of the special effects, I think thats one of the factors mine suffered with,.,
Posted by AfterStar 3rd July, 2006

The controls are kinda hard.
If I press TAB to run,it doesn't always respond to it and most of the time I cannot jump or make a slide kick when tab is pressed.
If I unpress tab and click space he will just jump up.Also sometimes the controls get stuck in a loop and for example he start jumping on his own,until I repress the button to stop him.
Also I don't know why but it runs pretty slow when I move around.I got a 3.2ghz P4 processor,1024mb ddr2 ram,ATI Raedon 9700 but it still gets slow.

Nice graphics and cinematics but the controls really let me down,keeping my way from enjoying this game.
I really got frustrated at the level where you have to put all the boxes in order to jump to the right side,because of the controls.Most of the time either they didn't respond or they perform with a delay of 3 seconds and doing a buggy loop.
Thumbs up for your work anyway.

Here is something that may help some people having slow downs in the game:

Create a shortcut of Bob the Schizo exe file found in the Files folder,not the launcher.
In the shortcut to Bob the schizo exe,chose properties,and write one or more of the listed commands in the target area after the "C:\blah blah .exe" .exe name.

"C:\blah blah.exe" /ddraw /nof = use directx and wont change resolution mode

/DIB = Turns off both DirectX and Use VRAM options.

/DDRAW = Forces the use of DirectX.

/NOVR = Turns off the VRAM option.

/NOF = No full screen mode. Ignores the option "Change resolution mode".

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Maybe it will help you.
Oh and turning music/sound off helps a lot,specially in scenes like with the helicopter where a mass loop of firing bullets from the chopper is played...
Posted by AfterStar 3rd July, 2006

oh and gief Worm Wars V ! They own!
Posted by Noyb 3rd July, 2006

I turned down all the special effects, set the object limit to the lowest it could go, and everything except moving left and right lags like crazy. I've had weapon changing happen over 10-30 seconds after the button had been pushed, and have seen Bob randomly jump like a madman after jamming on the spacebar failed to make him move. And for some reason, I can't seem to get Bob to start sprinting to the right. Also, I appear to be missing a font: some of the menu items run over one line.

I loved the demo, but it seems like the final code is even more poorly optimized. It's weird how moving left and right doesn't seem laggy at all. Since those are the keys that can be changed in the menu, maybe there is something fundamentally different about how the code handles the direction keys and the actions? Maybe if you make the actions customizable in the same manner as the arrows, that will solve the problem? Anyway, the presentation is nice, and this could be really fun if optimized better.
Posted by colej_uk 4th July, 2006

Well my MMf2 got sent today, and as soon as I get it I'll begin porting it over to the mmf2 runtime.
Posted by colej_uk 4th July, 2006

I forgot to mention, the game uses Tigerworks' excellent positionion sound object, which requires direct X 8 I think.

People with slow down problems, maybe try updating directX, see if that helps. Either that or try turning the positional sounds off.
Posted by Fadex 4th July, 2006

I've got Ge-Force FX, 768 DDR, AMD Athlon 1.7 XP (1.46 GHz) and I must say, that it's without sparks, bullet holes, and glass - gets fast
Sound effects and music are very nice.
And... I still can't defeat a helicopter!
Posted by Fadex 4th July, 2006

Oh, I forgot - 510 objects on playground.
Posted by NeoHunter 5th July, 2006

Eh, I cleaned out all the dust and crud from my laptops fans, and now it runs pretty smooth, but I still very much suck at this game.

Beyond that, I'd say this is a friggin awsome game, worthy of a download by everyone on this site...even if it is REALLY feckin hard

Posted by Aptennap 5th July, 2006

I don't know why: the game runs fine on my computer but i can't dive i've had this problem with the demo too :S
Posted by Hempuli 5th July, 2006

Why RAR?! WHY?
Posted by Killerjedi 5th July, 2006

Very cool. I think it could use some strategic work; i.e. ducking, use of cover, or some way to dodge enemy shots, but it's still fun. Personally, I had no problems with the controls.

To Hempuli: What's wrong with RARs? o_o
Posted by Killerjedi 5th July, 2006

Oh yes, quick question. What is the Riot Shield for? I didn't notice any change in the damage I was taking while I had it on.
Posted by Greasy 5th July, 2006

RAR should be the official ONLY thing used for compression.
Posted by AfterStar 5th July, 2006

btw offtopic,does anyone know Tigerworks website?
He is doing a great job making an RTS,but I just can't find his work anymore.Did he abandon clicking?
Posted by Batchman 5th July, 2006

i liked the demo, and the final is greater.
i'm using a french azerty keyboard and i don't have problem with the controls but i would have problems if i were on a qwerty keyboard ...

i'm at the level with the helicopter (reminds me commando) and i find it frustrating having to restart the entire level if you died defeating the boss... (commando has savepoints )
Posted by Dustin Gunn 5th July, 2006

This game could be pretty cool but alas it's impossible to control.

Ctrl, Shift, Z, X, Space would be much easier than Tab Shift Ctrl Space. See how your fingers can easily conform to the ctrl, shift, z, x, space? You don't need to change weapons often so they could be regulated to A and S
Posted by Dustin Gunn 5th July, 2006

"That two guns Idea is great, something that should have been put into the FPS's long ago"

Are you being sarcastic?
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 9th July, 2006

i seriously would vote thumbs up if the movement was so buggy that you couldn't move. these are some of the most detailed objects i've ever seen drawn.
extremely impressed.
Posted by Joshua M. 9th July, 2006

Hmmm, pretty good game, except for the controls. I think it would have been nice if the player could customize the controls.
For the rest it's pretty good, except for some animations, like Bob's walking animation where one of his legs keeps changing color.
Nice particle effects, I created something like that too a while ago, but I applied gravity to the particles and made them so that they would also face the way they're falling. Still, nice effects.
Posted by ben mercer 9th July, 2006

This would be good fun, but the control issues make it unplayable. To try and get rid of the keyboard lag, try using control extensions like virtual key or control x. Failing that use the Player buttons.
Posted by Chris Dart 9th July, 2006

I don't have any problem with any supposed keyboard-lag or controls. I think the controls are just fine.
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 11th July, 2006

I'm not sure if its supposed to be there,or if its just in the file i downloaded, but if you go to the main menu and click load, then click load game again without clicking on one of the files to load it goes to the level after the last level you played.

if it is a bug you might wanna fix it
Posted by Willy C 13th July, 2006
Rated :

"Cost: $9.99" Are you sudenly changing the game into shareware after you've released it as freeware?
Posted by Willy C 2nd April, 2008
Rated :

I'm playing this again! Got a better computer this time!





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