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Author: Degran Submitted: 20th July, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 57

Edited By Degran on 7/24/2006

This is my first dowload ever posted here.It's basically a little game that I made with MMF on request of a friend.

There's not much to it, you just fly around in space and shoot every enemy you see. There are space-pigs that swell as you hit them, they just bounce around so they're pretty easy to avoid, and there are Jamaicans who follow you everywhere you go. There's no end to it, more and more enemies will show up on your screen.

Your primary weapon and your secondary weapon are both upgradable. Your primary weapon is first one laserball, then you have two parallel laserballs and finally you could have three laserballs that go each in a different directions wich is editable by moving the cursor closer or further away from your spaceship (the cursor is mousecontroled). Your secondary weapon is first a mine, then a normal missile, then a guided missile and finally a automatic seeking missile.

There are some items in the game, they upgrade a weapon, heal your spaceship or grant you some time in a super-mode. All items can only be found by killing enemies or destroying meteors.

It's fun to play when you have little time or don't know what to do, always trying to beat the highscore. I hope to make this game online one day so that I can play witht the friend who made me make this.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Posted by Degran 22nd July, 2006

I might remake this game for online multiplayer, so if you have any suggestions on how to make it online or on new items, or if you see some bugs, please tell me.
Posted by alperoz49 24th July, 2006

Can't Download the file check it pls
Posted by Degran 24th July, 2006

Does it work now.
Posted by Degran 24th July, 2006

Is it ok if I post my filefrontpage, you can find a link to the download in there.
Posted by alperoz49 24th July, 2006

Ok.You have to copy/paste the link btw.

Now if it is your first game (not posted ,made)it is like an experiment so dont take my words offensive.Game repeats itself , Graphics are fine , about the movement the spaceship stops and starts instantly maybe some effect would be good that makes us feel we are in the space.Music is not funny anooying when repeat itself, sounds are fine.

There are 6 games in the GOTW pool at the moment and all are released early. All are like the engines of the games.

Basicly the game is like other shoot em up games.The details will make your game diffrent than others.Average shoot em up i say.Good work if its your first game but work on it.
Posted by alperoz49 24th July, 2006

i download it but as far as i know ppl here dont like the host servers like filefront , rapidshare etc... but its ok now u dont have to change the link it works now.
Posted by Degran 24th July, 2006

So more effects to make the player feel like he's in the game, better music and it has to be different from the other shoot em up games, thank you, I'll keep that in mind next time.
Posted by alperoz49 24th July, 2006





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