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Soul Vari'a Demo
Author: Ackksoftware Submitted: 30th July, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Turn-based Strategy Downloads: 186

Edited By Ackksoftware on 8/3/2006

Edited By Ackksoftware on 8/3/2006

(DEMO IS NOW UP, Once again.)
Soul Vari’a is a Turn Based Strategy Role Playing Game.
The game follows the tale of Sebastian Seaheart, a graduate from a royal military school. Follow him on his quest as he travels across land and sea to hunt down the secret of the true soul form.
The gameplay is split in to four phases. Character selection phase, in which the player must select which character he will control first. Then it is the command phase, where you order your character to move within small or large grid based area, depending on character level. Once you have moved your character, you may use an item, attack an enemy or summon a monster depending on the current situation. Once your character has move out, his turn is over. Now, you may do the above with each character in your party, or skip your turn and allow the enemies to do the same.
This version includes:

*Four complete levels!
*Three cutscenes for your viewing pleasure!
*Incredible music composed by a team of three musicians.

However... The final version will include:
*Over Twenty Five Levels.
*In depth story line.
*Sword crafting engine.
*Character customization!
*Huge levels, filled out loads of enemies!
*Lovable characters displayed in game with 3D pre-rendered sprites, and displayed in cutscenes with stylized portraits!
*Countless magic infused crests which allow you to summon magical forces upon your foes!
... All this and more.
This is still under development, this is just a taste of things to except from... Soul Vari'a!

--- UPDATE!! UPDATE!!! This is a new version of the demo, issues have been fixed. DEMO IS MUCH MORE FUN!

© Andrew Allanson & Brian Allanson, 2004-2006

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 (40.8 mkb )

Posted by The Chris Street 30th July, 2006

A better description would be nice.
Posted by Ackksoftware 31st July, 2006

I'm sorry about that... first time ever using this site to put up demos.
Posted by brenda A 31st July, 2006

Woah! This plays great... I don't remember a click game feeling so real before.
Posted by Chris K 31st July, 2006

Hey, this game is awesome. Love the graphics, love the gameplay and I especially LOVE the music.

Keep up the good work.
Posted by Cecilectomy 31st July, 2006

the style reminds me of "super mario rpg: legend of the seven stars". id download it but my files always get corrupted
Posted by Ski 31st July, 2006

I tried to download it, but couldnt
Posted by Jonathan Lake 31st July, 2006

Nice graphics, fun, and fey music. Aside a few grammar mistakes, great job. I'm looking forward to playing the finished product.
Posted by Ackksoftware 31st July, 2006

hm... which part was the grammar mistake in? I'll go and fix it. I noticed one random capitalization.
Adam, thats odd you had a hard time downloading, Sli!ther didn't seem to.
Posted by Jonathan Lake 31st July, 2006

Nothing big, just a few misplaced capitals.
Posted by Ackksoftware 31st July, 2006

hmmm okay I'll get on that. Blah, it's hard when you're writing so much text. You should see the final games script! It's like over 100 pages. blah.
Posted by Jonathan Lake 31st July, 2006

Haha, I bet. Keep up the good work.
Posted by UF Comtec 1st August, 2006

About the grammar, isn't it Defeat all 'enemies' rather than 'enemys' ? I believe so Looks great otherwise.
Posted by Simon Colmer 1st August, 2006

looks impressive,downloading...
Posted by ]Alpha[ 1st August, 2006

Nice game but the combat system must be improved.
Maybe a chance to miss the opponent depending on the distance you're attacking or the weapon you're using.

Plus I suggest to change the way to select a unit :
Maybe you should give the opportunity to select a unit by clicking on the character instead of his icon on the top right of the screen.

Anyway I understand this is only a Demo, but these are my first impressions
Anyway... really a nice game! good job!
I'm looking forward to play the final version.
Posted by steve 1st August, 2006

sounds great, I was a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics on the GBA so i'm looking forward to playing this.

Posted by steve 1st August, 2006

its got stuck at 66% downloading

Posted by DaVince 1st August, 2006

You might wanna get a better, maybe even dedicated host for large games like these.

Will download now, even if I don't like these file hosts.
Posted by steve 1st August, 2006


Posted by Ackksoftware 1st August, 2006

You can right click on a character to select him/her also.
Posted by ]Alpha[ 1st August, 2006

Ups... I didn't noticed first time
That's much more better than to click on the avatars.

How much do we have to wait to see the final version?
Posted by Ackksoftware 1st August, 2006

i can't say just yet...
And to the guy who said "Maybe a chance to miss the opponent depending on the distance you're attacking or the weapon you're using."
These levels are very early in the game, and as the game goes on more systems work in to play, so we don't throw something too complex on the player. There are weapons that let you attack four grids forward, or four grids around.
Posted by RenatoDep 1st August, 2006

This game has alot of potential, I am impressed. One thing that really bothers me are the character edges? You should've turned anti-aliasing off, or rendered the characters on black background. What software are you using?
Posted by Ackksoftware 1st August, 2006

Rhino 3D. Because the way the software renders, if you turn of anti-aliasing, the edges will have many holes in them, and be waaaay too jagged. with most 3D software, anti-aliasing is meant to always be on. we've tried before, and it' aint pretty.
Posted by RenatoDep 1st August, 2006

I never used Rhino 3D so I don't know how it works. I do alot of pre-rendered 3D graphics using Maya, and they don't look bad with the anti-aliasing off.
Posted by Tiles 1st August, 2006

There is so called sprite rendering fur such cases. trueSpace for example has a plugin available for that. Results in antialiased Objects with the sharp border of the non antialiased one. This plugin is not this cheap though.

Not sure if Rhino can do this natively. But Maya should definitely support such a feature.
Posted by Ski 1st August, 2006

Oh nice work I can see alot of time has gone into this
Posted by Ackksoftware 1st August, 2006

Yes... lots. A little bit too much actually. Now that I think back to it.
Posted by Liquixcat 2nd August, 2006

I also disliked the white edging. It kept me from getting into the story. If you fix that little problem, you'll fix any beef I have with this game.
Posted by Ackksoftware 2nd August, 2006

It would be nearly impossible, not to meantion an horrible amount of work to redo EVERY CHARACTER IN THE GAME. If we only had walking and attacking animations, but no, we have hundreds of custom animations that we only use once in the game.
Posted by Whippers With 2nd August, 2006

Even though this isn't my kind of game (I have a feeling that it will be very linear?), I must say it's very, very well done. Regarding the white edges... they don't bother me the slightest. I'm sure that if they do bother you, just playing long enough will make you ignore them. And I really adore that pop-version-battle theme! Tell whoever made it he's a genius ^^
Posted by BeamSplashX 2nd August, 2006

I like those dialog boxes. Seriously.
Posted by RenatoDep 2nd August, 2006

Yea, like I stated, you did a great job with the game. The white edges would just be an improvement with what you already have. I think it will all depend on what you want to do with the final product. Sell, Try to publish it. All I was doing was some constructive critism, from someone who's in the business. Hope I didn't offend
Posted by Ackksoftware 2nd August, 2006

Thanks a lot Whispers Within. But, I'd have to say, It's not linear at all. Its linear to the point where by the end of the game you'll have to have done everything you have to be complete it, but most of the time you are given many many places to chose from, and you have to be at the right place at the right time to do things. And to BeamSplashX, thanks a lot.
And to Newt, that didn't offend me at all. Just made me a little sad to see a thumbsdown.
Posted by Ski 2nd August, 2006

Theres some bitter-bitches, dont worry. You'll find some amazing games and you still get people giving it thumbs down
Posted by Del Duio 2nd August, 2006

At least there are no slams about your "table perspective"!

LOL, I don't think I'll ever forget that one

Good job Acksoftware!
Posted by Ackksoftware 3rd August, 2006

lol, table perspective? No one ever said to that to SquareSoft, I hope no one ever says that to us.
Posted by Arneckian 4th August, 2006

Lol that was one in of Del Duio's games. Equin Village if I recall correctly.
Posted by Johnny Look 5th August, 2006

Too bad it's a demo...
Posted by Aaron Tomko 6th August, 2006

Very professional. I'm looking forward to the full version.
Posted by Leerz 9th August, 2006

pretty flashy gfx there man. nice!
Posted by Phantasia 12th August, 2006

From the screenshots it looks like a kind of Shining Force, Fire Emblem, or FF Tactics. But i can't download it because it's too big for 56k.

*don't comment on my 56k. I KNOW.*





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