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SS Real a space shooter just on ground...
Author: Xentull Submitted: 13th August, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 47

Edited By Jens kiilstofte on 8/13/2006

Hi all this is my first submition to this site so i hope i will give you people 5 mins of fun or more

Now to the "sigh" bad stuff....I know you guys hate gamemaker and this is a clickteam site BUT i wanna show you that you CAN make good and smooth games if you have a descent coder..
So anyways just forget it's made with gamemaker and download it and play it cus i really want you people's reaction and criticm. Cus on the gamemaker site they aren't as friendly or cool like you guys. So please just try it.

Now to the game.
You play like a space ship who has accidently flown into the wrong atmophere, then when you fly around and think your safe and just thought you would have a look at this cool place then suddenly there comes some hostile space ships and begins to shoot at you.Your mission is to get highest score and get as long as possibly.

You steer with arrow keys
You shoot with the letter C
You boost from side to side with the letter X (hold left or right arrow key down and then press X)

Credits is in the game.

All though the team who made this (me and a friend)
logo isn't in the game yet so i will just say the name of it here Acid Games.

This is a demo so there is some bugs but we know the most of them.
Here is one that is very anoying when you die and shoot with normal bullets the bullets intend to glue themselfes to the screen.(we will fix the bugs we know in version 1,0)

And yes the file is quite big but it's cus i don't make midi files it cracks the quality up.

I think that was it? I hope you enjoy the game and reply to me and ofcourse give me some rank!

Review This Download Real V0,8 .rar (7,179 kkb )

Posted by The Chris Street 13th August, 2006

Posted by Xentull 13th August, 2006

Why? i'm just trying to make someone have fun? and put in a game here with descent graphics instead of the crap you make in here.
Posted by steve 13th August, 2006

The graphics look awful (complete with flipped tree's and shoddy pixel art) downloading anyway, let's hope the gameplay is better than the screenshots.

Posted by steve 13th August, 2006

The bullets got stuck all over the screen. (if you knew such a huge bug was there, why release the game to the public?)
Badly designed gameplay - you need to study classics such as Gradius V or R-Type.

This was not very fun.

Better luck next time.
Posted by Ski 13th August, 2006

Steve dont be so harsh about the gfx, yes to be honest theyre not special, but Ive seen hell of alot worse on this site -_-
Posted by steve 13th August, 2006

I like your avatar
Posted by Xentull 13th August, 2006

Well my friend and i was really just making this as practice cus we need little more experience in making games before we will work anymore on the main game we started the main game is a scrolling shooter about a man.Not space shooter .And steve yes you have your right to be this harsh cus this is a clickteam site and not gamemaker but doesn't say anywhere that you may not post other games than clickteam. And thanks Adam for kinda defending the GFX.Is it my avatar your talking about steve?

Posted by Xentull 14th August, 2006

Yea Phizzy i looked at some of your downloads and they sucked as much as my.You peopl are wierd man...

Posted by Xentull 14th August, 2006

Well people i have decided to hate this site cus people in here says crap that they can't even stand for cus they can't do anything better themselves...For example phizzy has ripped graphics and used in his games.Steve hasn't even put in any download in here cus the stuff he has sucks 100 times more than anything else in here including my download.And Cris you can just go ban yourself rigt? cus i make 10 times the double explanation than you do in your downloads.That was it i'm out of here **** ******.....
Posted by Mruqe 14th August, 2006

And we SUCK!
Posted by ben mercer 14th August, 2006

Oh Jesus I'm REALLY sorry to see HIM go.
Posted by chrilley 14th August, 2006

These Game Maker kids are really childish...
Posted by Deep Games ( 15th August, 2006

This is stupid... Wy are you so ed Hahahehe? Sure they're harsh but most of them are harsh to everyone, and wtf did Circy do, he make a joke!!! It's not like Steve didn't mention what was bad about the game, you should follow their adivice! And if Phizzy's allowed to have an opinion even if he has made SOME bad stuff...
Posted by steve 15th August, 2006

I was only "harsh" because he boasted his graphics were better than everyone else's in this community (check second comment)
And yes, I have made games - Robotopia, Legends of Xandor, Way of the Dragon fist, Genko (And some others I havent released yet )
Posted by The Chris Street 15th August, 2006

Hey I was kidding about the "Ban Him" thing. It was pretty obvious. But you're acting in a very immature manner.

Besides, on another note, why do you have THREE accounts here?
Posted by steve 15th August, 2006

is one of his accounts "Phantasia"?
Posted by 15th August, 2006

Posted by DaVince 15th August, 2006

Wait, who says we hate Gamemaker games? MMF can just do more, that's all.
Posted by DaVince 15th August, 2006

Well, the game is kinda boring.

- The shot effects are nice, but there's a bug with the shooting so some shots stay at the bottom of the screen.
- The music is too repetitive and becomes annoying.
- The gameplay is lacking, only thing that happens every once in a while is that a different enemy appears.
- There are only a main menu and I keep getting returned to that once I press space... Very annoying. The controls are confusing too.

The graphics look nice, but other than that you gotta learn a bit more on what makes a game fun.
Posted by DaVince 15th August, 2006

Wait, I read through this topic... It's his own fault he leaves, if he can't stand criticism!
Posted by AndyUK 15th August, 2006

Why did he post a crap game an an example of what gamemaker can do.
Does he want us to hate it?
Posted by Xentull 16th August, 2006

Well i have realised that i have made mistakes, so i have turned the game to abandonware (not in here tho)
Cus the gameplay was crap.Sorry to say the stupid things i said BUT remember i'm only 13 so i'm stupid sometimes.
So now me and my friend are making a more adictive game with different graphics i can't tell you if they will look good but they look a whole lot different from the ones above. So I'm not gonna leave as i said.....was mad....Cus i thought i got to much criticm but i realised that i didn't get to much....So stay tuned there will come another gamemaker game someday...
Posted by ben mercer 18th August, 2006

We forgive you. Just try to work out what someone is actually saying before you take offence and start shouting abuse at them.
Posted by LPStreetSoldierM 19th August, 2006

Those graphix look awful and the gameplay boring. Yet you come and judge my game without even trying it.
Posted by Zethell 2nd September, 2006

Burn him on a stick!





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