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Up in Smoke
Author: Losti Submitted: 7th September, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 63

Edited By Losti on 10/11/2010

Game based on a movie "Cheech&Chong's Up in Smoke". No drug propaganda, just fun.

Game includes:
- PacMan-like gameplay;
- 2 real heroes;
- 10 levels;
- 3 bonus levels.

It's my first finished game

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 (7.72 mkb )

Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 7th September, 2006

You need to provide working screenshots and a fuller description before this is accepted - but you have a great avatar.
Posted by Muz 7th September, 2006

I think the description would be ok with some screenshots. Or no screenshots would be ok with a better description.
Posted by Losti 8th September, 2006

I can't write a fuller description,
because my English is so bad.
But screenshots are available now.

Posted by Muz 8th September, 2006

Hmm... wait, I can download it, but the file won't open on my comp.

BTW, keep away from using installers, a lot of ppl hate them.
Posted by Del Duio 8th September, 2006

These graphics look GREAT! I loved C & C movies back in the day. Tell me there's a 70's era see-through drumset and a van made of weed and I might suffer the installer, lol!

(The record Chong is listening to

"My daddy he disowned me cos' I wore my sister's clothes.."

Da da da, Da da da, DA DA DAH!

"He caught me in the bathroom with a pair of PANTY HOSE!"

Da da da, Da da da, DA DA DAH!

Bravo for the idea alone!
Posted by Nova Soft 8th September, 2006

I wonder when the overly sensitive, anti-drug members will arrive?

Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 9th September, 2006

This looks excellent.
Posted by Daymian T 9th September, 2006

Oh don't worry Novasoft. I'm sure the buzzkillers will arrive soon enough to say something bad about this game. "Stupid idea", "games based on a drug theme are crap" "drugs are bad mmkay" etc. Some people just don't have a scence of humour I guess. This game looks great! Excellent graphics! well done!
Posted by defenestrator 9th September, 2006

I always thought the movies were pretty dumb, but it's good that you found a new subject for a fan game. The presentation is good, and the graphics are really nice. The gameplay gets a little old, however, what with having to collect the same three things over and over.
It would be neat to see these graphics used in more of an adventure game, but this was a pretty good effort all around.
Posted by steve 12th September, 2006

nice graphics
Posted by Mr Q 10th October, 2007

Up in smoke, that's where my money goes...
In my lungs and sometimes up my nose





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