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EasyXML Extension for MMF 2
Author: vortex2 Submitted: 11th September, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 449

Hello everyone . After a long period in development my EasyXML extension is finally here.

The EasyXML extension is a powerful extension that allows you to easily use XML in your MMF 2 applications. XML stands for extensible markup language and it has become a standard for storing information.

The EasyXML object came into existance becuase MMF has always lacked decent XML capability. The XML Parser extension or MMF pro was unfriendly and hard to use, so I decided to create my own.

I released this extension for standard becuase I felt that it was time that people could use XML in their games!

I posted this here so that you all can benefit from this extension by using it to store data in your own games.

Included in the zip file are runtime and release versions o the extension, an example, and a brief tutorial detailing how to use the EasyXML extension. The documentation isn't finished becuaes I thought it was boring and that you guys would rather that I released the extension then let it sit on my hard drive.

I hope you all enjoy this extension, and I look forward to seeing all of the great things that you manage to do with it!

Additionally if you find any bugs or have any feature suggestions, don't hesitate to email me: vortex2 at gmail dot com.

Thanks for reading and have fun!

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 11th September, 2006

Before I accept this, it crashes MMF2 when I go to the Event Editor on my machine - can any other admin try it out?
Posted by Flava 11th September, 2006

Works fine for me - so I've accepted it.
Wong - did you add the extension to both extension folders and do you have the latest MMF2 build?
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 11th September, 2006

It's possible that I have the dodgy version of the 242 beta - I'll check it.
Posted by Reno 11th September, 2006

I got this before he submitted it^^

I feel special
Posted by Johnny Look 12th September, 2006

Great extension !!
Posted by axel 12th September, 2006

Very nice! Hooray for vortex2
Posted by LIJI 12th September, 2006

Good ext
Posted by Reno 14th September, 2006

I think its great actually

Everyone give Vortex2 a thumbs up!
Posted by Johnny Look 14th September, 2006

Ironic, you've submitted your extension at the 9/11 (RIP Brave NY).
Posted by vortex2 14th September, 2006

I fail to see how it is ironic that I submitted it on 9/11, it is just when I happened to get it done.

Oh and can the person who voted thumbs down please give a reason?

Thanks .
Posted by Steve Harris 15th September, 2006

Good job
Posted by vortex2 17th September, 2006

Hmm I guess people are just voting thumbs down for the hell of it then. Not that I really care, but if there is an actual reason behind it then it would be nice to let me know so that I can fix whatever the problem is .
Posted by T!m 5th March, 2010

Any chance you can submit a new working link?
Or, reference me to a new location of this extension?





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