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Astro Limit
Author: Jakob37 Submitted: 12th September, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 74

Edited By Jakob [JaDGames] on 9/12/2006

Edited By Jakob [JaDGames] on 9/12/2006

I started to work at this game about a year ago.
That does not mean that I have worked at it all the time but now it is finally completed.

Astro Limit is a vertical space shooter game in which you control a spaceship that can use up to three weapons at a time.

In the adventure you will try to make your way through 10 levels. Between the levels you have the opportunity to buy weapons and other things to improve your ship. The money is earned by defeating enemies so more enemies killed means more money and more powerful weapons.

In the survivals you will do different things to earn as much score as possible.

Player1: Arrows to move, Shift to change weapon, Control to shoot.
Player2: WASD to move, 1 to change weapon, Q to shoot.
Shop: The mouse
Menu: Arrow keys and Enter

Short keys
F1: About
F5: Turn on or off the music.
F6: Turn on or off the samples.
F7: Player controls. - Our site

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 (1,8 mkb )

Posted by Flava 12th September, 2006

Please can you make sure your download link has no spaces - otherwise I cannot accept the game.
Posted by Jakob37 12th September, 2006

Now it is fixed, please post some comments about the game
Posted by His Royal Highness 12th September, 2006

*throws up*
Posted by viva/volt 13th September, 2006

Pillow shading arrrggghhh!!!!!!!
Posted by Jakob37 13th September, 2006

@His Royal Highness: Hmm? I would prefer if you tells me the bad things so I can improve them in the next game.

@Silvernova, Sorry for that, I couldn`t draw when I started to make this game and if I tried to change it now it would probably never be finished...

Anyone who have any comment on the actual gameplay?
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 13th September, 2006

I'll play it tonight and write a review up for you on friday.
Posted by His Royal Highness 13th September, 2006

not that its a bad, its just a lot to look at right from the begining, a little ... overwhelming, sooooo I threw up, ill coment later when I play a little more, I only play it at school cuz my computer at home seems to hate it.
Posted by Jakob37 14th September, 2006

@Knudde, Thanks for that, it would be appreciated

@His Royal Highness, Glan to hear than, maybe I should have included a menuesection in the readme
Posted by s-m-r 14th September, 2006

Looks good, Jakob. Upgrade shops are fun! I'll take a look at it when I'm home from work.
Posted by Jakob37 14th September, 2006

@s-m-r, I like them too, hope you will enjoy it
Posted by s-m-r 15th September, 2006

Thumbs up from me, man..!

Although I made it through several stages after some practice (I made it up to the "autumn" looking stage, with the boss that's a dark ship shooting missiles and three bolts of energy), I have no idea how you're supposed to save up enough cash to afford some of the more powerful weapons. How many stages are there in the game?
Posted by Ben 15th September, 2006

I'd rather see pillow-shading than nothing but flat colors (usually)
Posted by Jakob37 15th September, 2006

@s-m-r: Thanks for that!
If you haven`t I strongly recommend you to turn the difficulty to "easy" in the settingsmenue, this gives you a lot more money. You can also use the password "nova" to start with a bit more money.
It is also recommend to use some kind of shield...
Other than that is just that you have to priority.
It is a total of ten stages in the adventuremode, I am sure on that you can complete it

@Ben: Yes, me too, but I will try to paint better in my next game...
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 15th September, 2006

Alright, it's gonna take me a day or two more to get that review up; but I'm also going to be sending you a project file that shows you how to solve some of the little niggles I've had with your game. (Nothing bad, just giving you some coding tips to tighten up your games a bit)

All in all, I'm quite impressed; even though the game is basic; the scope of it is pretty large.
Posted by Milo 15th September, 2006

Good game. The gfx arent the best, but they're better than what I make.
Posted by Jakob37 16th September, 2006

@Knudde: It would be very appreciated, both the review and the projectfile.

@Milo: Mm, they are not very good but they are good for coming from me so actually I am quite satisfied with them.
Posted by 2nd October, 2006

Whoops forgot to comment on this one
Its a very nice game, a bit too hard and the powerups are too expensive. Hehe but i liked it. ^^
And the graphics are fine, the only problem is the ugly shaded bosses. (Not that i can make better but anyway )
Posted by Jakob37 9th October, 2006

Thanks for the comment
Mm, yes, it is maybe a bit hard even if you play it on easy, and I am not... very good at drawing but I did my best





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