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Ventur! v.1.58
Author: Deadauron Submitted: 15th September, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 99
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Edited By Deadauron on 10/5/2006

Edited By Deadauron on 10/5/2006

Edited By chip scheppel on 10/4/2006

Ventur! A free retro style adventure-shooter Game.

*Unique top-down shooting mechanics.
*12 Challenging action packed levels.
*12 weapons at you disposal
*2 monstrous bosses.
*6 types of enemies await to consume you
*Many traps and surprises
*4-6 hours game play (depending on skill of player)

This used to be a peaceful land. The people of the city where protected by a mysterious golden Grail. Our chief wizard Modaes has betrayed the city by stealing the grail from under us! To make matters worse the evil Kendermos army has declared war on our city! With out the Grail we cannot fend the city against the evil Kendermos. Without the Grail in it's complete form, we are doomed. Our only hope is found in a brave knight named Pix. who for his own selfish motives wants the Grail for himself.

Intro can be skipped by pressing any key
Fixed 'g' key crash

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Posted by Del Duio 16th September, 2006

Looks interesting. The guy seems a bit on the smallish side compared to the enemies, but I'll check it out tonight when I can
Posted by Reno 16th September, 2006

Posted by Reno 16th September, 2006

The levels are too confusing, you didn't tell the player what they had to do, and the music is annoying as hell.

Even though the game was fun running around in, overall it wasn't good.
Posted by steve 16th September, 2006

I didnt like the unskippable intro, does the main game use default 8 direction movement!?
(juddery around obstacles)

I pressed F or G and the game crashed.

I might try playing again later -
Posted by Gobushi San 16th September, 2006

how can i change movement key?
Posted by Reno 16th September, 2006

You don't. You sit there and cry at it
Posted by deadeye 17th September, 2006

Not bad, but could use some improvements:

1. Make the character face in the direction that he's aiming, not in the direction that he's walking. It looks a little strange to be shooting backwards.

2. Since the levels are so big, make it so that when you die, you start on the same screen. Otherwise, what's the point of having extra lives? It's just the same as loading a saved game. Either that, or get rid of the lives.

3. With the heads up display right at the edge of the screen it's sometimes hard to tell if there's an exit. You should move the trees and stuff at the edge so that you can see if there's an exit more easily. Or you could move the hud off of the playing field.
Posted by Hill Gigas 17th September, 2006

The game is ok, but I almost turned the game off halfway through the horribly slow intro. You should really let people skip it, or at least speed it up.
Posted by 18th September, 2006

You can skip it, just select Load Game instead and load an empty file
Posted by Zethell 18th September, 2006

steve: as you never like any game posted here you might as well shut it untill theres a game you like.. because i for one allways know what you will say :]
Posted by Bibin 20th September, 2006

Heh, am I the only one to realize that this is a remake of the Atari 2600 Adventure game? Nice job.
Posted by izac 22nd September, 2006

PLEASE NO INSTALLERS!!unzip and play is the best method...

Posted by izac 22nd September, 2006

I can't play the game becuase it crashes everytime i play the game.

becuase of your installer! I have ANOTHER program on my start menu! and i now i have to delete it in the control panel! >=|
Posted by DaVince 25th September, 2006

DOn't overreact on installers. And installers don't make games crash, mind you! They just make it more annoying when a game won't work!
Posted by steve 1st October, 2006


There are LOTS of games made here that I have praised extremely highly. If a game is made badly - as this is, then the creator needs to know what is wrong with it.

Games I have LOVED that were put on this site:

"mysterious flying something"
"Treasure Tower"
"Noitu Love and the Army of Grinning Darns"
"Lyle in Cube Sector"
"Within a Deep Forest"

To name just a few there.

Posted by Deadauron 4th October, 2006

Thanks guys for all the feedback. Especially 'deadeye' for a informative critique.
I fixed the 'g' crash and the intro can now be skiped.

I'm moving on to different projects but might consider coming back this game in the future..
Posted by izac 9th October, 2006

I managed to get it to work! IT WAS CRAP! let me tell you why:

Terrible sound
Terrible music
Horrible graphics
Crappy controls

Make it better because i hate it!
Posted by DaVince 29th March, 2007





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