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Moo ServerSide Register/Login System V.2.0
Author: Cocodrilo Submitted: 18th September, 2006 Favourites:1
Genre: Engine Downloads: 261

Hi all clickers!
My Serversided Register/Login System is now completly updated!
Thoose who hate my first version, should give this one a try!
And thoose who liked my first version SHOULD Really look a this!
more than 80% of the code is updated and new features is now avalaible
Here is a Change/New Features List:
-Added availabilty to change the User Password
-Added availabilty to Delete the user account
-Better Account handler system (Now only 1 file instead of 6)
-Encrypted Password in the serverside
-A Functionally "Sniffer"
-A new Control Panel !
-Fully Updated Server, with better codes!
-"Check if Avalaible" does now works correctly
-Graphics on the serverside
-And a lot of more things
I was ashamed when i looked to the first version, my moo/mmf knowledge has been increased a lot now i think!


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Posted by 20th September, 2006

Wow! Intresting! I never seen a program like this.
Posted by _Raven_ 24th September, 2006

Hey! A lot better than the first version! And all the features actually work! Not bad, Coco, not bad =
Posted by Reno 24th September, 2006

Finally someone figures this out

Posted by - Yelnek - 8th October, 2006

is this only for MMF 2?
Posted by the_raven 25th October, 2006

The link won't work
Any substitute?
Posted by Cocodrilo 9th December, 2006

Sorry, i havent time to update!
When Clickteam updated their forum, my link is not right anymore...
Anyway here is the right link:
Posted by UnknownAlly 10th January, 2009

Yikes 2006...
Posted by Joe87543 18th July, 2009

2006 yes. But still excellent





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