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Ye Olde Knights Of Yore Deathmatch (Yokoy DM)
Author: Asholay Submitted: 15th June, 2002 Favourites:1
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 870

Edited By Asholay on 3/5/2012

Yokoy DM is an realtime Hack n Slash RPG, action game where up to 4 players, around a keyboard, can battle in various settings against each other. Make sure you have 3 friends at the ready if you want to get the most out of this game..!

- 4 different classes to play: Scout, Rogue, Paladin & Mage, each with their own set of items
- Different Game modes including Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Hold this Hill and Defend your base, each fully customisable.
- Multiple shops to purchase additional equipment, better armour, level tips, mana bursts, etc
- Level up your characters and gain better equipment, cheaper spells, etc
- Pick up money, or earn it in the Arena to purchase additional equipment from the shops
- Find the secret stashes, and collect the rings of power to boost your characters

This latest version (1.4) has a test single player mission just for additional fun if you're alone, the addition of enemy 'bots' (5 different classes of enemy), and various other updates.


Also I am finally, after a long time, part-way through the latest version of the real Yokoy which is a large-scale full RPG rather than a single screen deathmatch.

Please check out the project page for updates from time-to-time:

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Posted by T.U.G.A. 15th June, 2002

if only it had good gfx...
Posted by Kristofor Durrschmidt 15th June, 2002

Arthur, you give good games crappy reviews and then bad ones good reviews...what the hell is wrong with you?! Lt. Spanky, just pulling Arthurs leg. I remember this game a long time ago. It's best played with a few buddies. Fun and pretty original.
Posted by Asholay 16th June, 2002

Sorry, should have said that this is the latest version which single player and stuff.
Posted by Dany Skelling 17th June, 2002

t lette
Posted by Ecstazy 18th June, 2002

Looking good, nice detail inside the houses...
Posted by -Deleted Member- 12th October, 2002

There's a review, from me:)
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 9th May, 2003

Eek, I would download but the screen is way too small. :(
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 15th May, 2003

Wow, after playing this game I have to say this has LOADS of potential, if only it was fixed up some. This reminds me of a game I made that had unique gameplay and many features, but didn't quite make it. I hope you release the full version and fix the problems with it. What I meant is the cha
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 15th May, 2003

Err, What I meant is the characters are way too small.
Posted by Blargh 17th July, 2003

looks pretty good
Posted by Raizer 4th August, 2003

Neato... the game is great, inspiring. Ive been trying to get games finished myself. I find it hard to keep motivated. So you get bored and start a new..and it happens
Posted by Maroarts 21st August, 2003

Best game ever made on TGF!!! GO Lt Spanky!!!
Posted by Vertol 12th October, 2003

be kinda good if it was rpg. But tyhe skills n spells are cool. also the enemys are cool too.
Posted by ?>< 17th December, 2003

This game rocks whens the full game due.
Posted by kitemi 17th May, 2004

omggggggggggg plz keep working on this game Lt Spanky its _so_ _damn_ good !$%#@%@ ;D
Posted by Jason wong wong wong 1st June, 2004

someone, can u send me the game?
Posted by [FoS]blackDoG 27th July, 2004

been aticipating it since 1.3, this game is great.. one minor issue though is the controls, bigger keyboard is what i need.. :P
Posted by Drunking Clicker 18th September, 2004

Dude it's almost the end of 2004 and the games still not out.
Posted by kitemi 17th November, 2004

*still loves this game*
Posted by idontknow 15th May, 2005

It is now May 2005, Way over the time you said it would come back, I Mean, This Game is Ace, One of the best ive played, but its beean a YEAR! Please please please finish it!
Posted by idontknow 23rd September, 2005

What About A Glorious Comeback After 5 Years? Its Nearly 2006, lol, Cmon, I Know you Can Do It,
Posted by wario 17th December, 2005

lol.. still not here
Posted by Killerjedi 27th March, 2006

I can't believe this game is actually still being worked on. I remember this from YEARS ago.

Well, good luck finishing it. I know I'm still eagerly awaiting it.
Posted by Token_Black_Guy 22nd October, 2006

Hey guys, why cant i downlosd it!!! i love this game, i rember when i first played it before i played runescape. PLEASE seed my a message or some thing.
Posted by TheNiccer 4th February, 2007

Wahhhhhhhh, I can't download it... I've wanted to play it since i saw it the first time. I'm getting sad here...
Posted by Asholay 26th September, 2017

A decade has passed since the last comment... and it's good news! We're back in full development!!






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