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GameBiz 2.0
Author: Nino Arndt Submitted: 23rd October, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Turn-based Strategy Downloads: 114

GameBiz 2 places you in the role of a manager of a game-development house. Your company is formed in the winter of 1979 - at a time when arcades still ruled the gaming world, and consoles and home computers were on a rise.

Game Features:

Build Engines (game framework) and sell them to developers around the world.
Build a factory and design, produce and sell your own console/home computer.
Make games for 60+ platforms and in more than 30 different genres.
Make sequel’s to your best games (or even ones that you think deserve a second chance!)
Make as many games at one time as your company can manage.
Sell/buy your company stocks to earn money and hold off competitors from buying you out.
Build warehouse’s and much more!
Get ready to conquer the gaming charts...
NOTE: The game can be very hard to master so you should check out the FAQ-link found in the game.

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Posted by Hempuli 23rd October, 2006

AAGG! There's so much TEXT and BUTTONS!

Good, but confusing.
Posted by axel 23rd October, 2006

Hey, I once had the exact same idea, I just never bothered making a game of the concept.

Hmm, this looks messy. I'll download later.
Posted by Johnny Look 23rd October, 2006

kool game, but not a klick one tho.
Posted by axel 24th October, 2006

Yes, obviously, because klick doesn't even mean anything.
Posted by Nino Arndt 24th October, 2006

Yes, some of the players think its a bit confusing to start with, and it have quite steep learning curve.
And yes, its made in pascal/delphi.

Posted by DaVince 25th October, 2006

What's Klick?

Anyway, GameBiz 1 rocked so I'll download this one, too.
Posted by Johnny Look 26th October, 2006

klik, klick, whatever.
I forgot to say, the interface is poorly designed, ugly and confusing.
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 26th October, 2006

Although it's not created with click products I will download it. Gamebiz one was awsome
Posted by DaVince 28th January, 2007

Incompatible with Windows 98.
Posted by Lim, Jihyun 4th April, 2007

It's like Game history book.
Cool! -_-b





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