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Fan's Quest: Saving the Silver Lining
Author: Hugo B. Submitted: 26th October, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 79

Edited By David Newton (Wong) on 10/27/2006

Edited By Hugo B. on 10/27/2006

Edited By Hugo B. on 10/26/2006

I created this little game a few months ago for a contest at, which is the website of the unofficial King's Quest 9 game. Thought i'd post it here as well. It's my first completely finished project ever, so i guess that makes the game kind of special to me.
As it is a kind of tribute to the King's Quest adventure game series, i used some original graphics from the first game dated back to the 80's and added some of my own where needed in the same style. So.. please don't complain about the crappy graphics!!! Fans of the King's Quest series will probably enjoy this little game the most, because of the deja vu experience.

Movement: Use the arrow-keys to go left and right and press up to jump. During conversation, press <SPACE> to continue.

HINT: If you are having trouble surviving this game, set the number of lives to 5 in the Settings menu!!!

In case the download does not work, you can also download the game at the TSL website:

Have fun!!

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 (470 kkb )

Posted by Hugo B. 26th October, 2006

PS. I know it's kind of short, but as said it was for a contest and i worked only around four days on it..
Posted by 26th October, 2006

Aww, i thought you played as a fan... now im dissapointed
Posted by 26th October, 2006

And i wont download this as its not my type of game, but it looks good i can tell you that atleast.
Posted by Hugo B. 26th October, 2006

Not your type of game? It's a bit like the old classic Pitfall: jumping over and riding on crocs etc. Now who doesn't like that!?!?!
Posted by 26th October, 2006

Alright, i downloaded it but i got an error while trying to unzip it. Sorry dude.
Posted by Tim 26th October, 2006

Sorry but I HATE those pixelated kinda graphics. Concept looks good - not original but originality is extremely rare anyway these days.

If this is your first game then I'll make an exception

I quite like the name though ... oh and check your links above
Posted by awesomeasapossum 26th October, 2006

I LOVE THIS GAME! I've never gotten past the first level though... Wasn't this the #1 contest winner? I'm not sure....*goes and checks*
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 26th October, 2006

So that's how they got their licence This is pretty good, I'll frontpage it in the morning just to spite Adam if nothing else.
Posted by Hugo B. 27th October, 2006

I fixed the download link, so Skydragon, it should work right now! If not, you can always download it directly from the TSL website, of which you can find a link above (which i fixed as well, thanks Tim).
Thanks Apossum and David, it's nice to hear some people enjoy it! Ow, and i didn't win the contest, which could have had something to do with the fact that i was too late and they already presented the contest winner, although the guy that won did have a great idea and executed good as well. I got a very positive reaction from the site though and they made me second (runnerups hadn't been picked yet).
Frontpage would be an honor by the way!
Posted by awesomeasapossum 27th October, 2006

OH YEAH!! Now i remember! What's his face with the TSL DVD cover!
Posted by Broomie 27th October, 2006

Wow, this is good. Well I haven't played it yet but anything with KQ on it is awesome.

I was actually apart of the Save KQIX campaign, founding it along with Matt C and Koko amongst others. Good to see there is still alot of support.
Posted by steve 27th October, 2006

The gameplay lets this down.. the crocs seem to have an unlimited "reach" eg. if you are at the height of your jump they still manage to catch you - even though only their heads appear out of the water.
Having hidden dangers in a game is never a good idea.
Posted by 27th October, 2006

I like it very nice
Just a bit too hard and annoying that you have only 3 lives >.< But nice work!
Posted by Scholz 27th October, 2006

You should rename this game to Mission Impossible because it's that hard.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 27th October, 2006

I completed it without too much difficulty after dying near the start the first couple of times.
Posted by Iv4n 28th October, 2006

Well playing on this game was pure joy! Thumbs up!
Posted by markno2 28th October, 2006

This was awesome I had to finish it!!
Posted by Tim 28th October, 2006

LMAO SCHOLZ.. nevermind
Posted by Hugo B. 29th October, 2006

Skydragon (and others that find the game a bit hard), you can change the number of lives from 3 to 5 in the Settings menu.
Posted by DaVince 2nd November, 2006

Didn't really like the mix-up of low-res and hi-res graphics. It was annoying to restart from the beginning every time, too.

The game itself looked quite nice though, and the music and gameplay wer good. Thumbs up.
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 6th November, 2006

I liked the graphics . I just found the game too difficult, too soon. I gave up with that "jump on the crocodile heads" thing.





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