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Demon Quest
Author: Dani Johnson Submitted: 27th October, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 74

Edited By David Newton (Wong) on 10/27/2006

Basically there's a demon guy who is trying escape from the underworld and invade heaven and defeat the almighty one. This quest however will not be an easy one! There are many enemies to fear and avoid, good luck!

Features 6 levels of intense action and 3 bonus levels!

Left+Right - Move
Shift - Jump
Ctrl - Shoot

Have fun

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   (651.3 kkb )

Posted by axel 27th October, 2006

Posted by Aptennap 28th October, 2006

This game is BAD! You can't defeat God!
Posted by axel 28th October, 2006

Super Satan?
Posted by Dani Johnson 29th October, 2006

I don't know why it's called Demon Quest, I guess I couldn't think of anything better
Posted by mnmemma 29th October, 2006

fking sick dani! (Y)
Posted by 29th October, 2006

demons are scary, i refuse to play this game
Posted by Wicked Studios 29th October, 2006

looks pretty sweet, downloading now...

Posted by Dani Johnson 29th October, 2006

Thank you
Demons are not that scary honest >
Posted by Neuro 29th October, 2006

Well done, you completed a game and posted it here before me! Damn you...
Posted by Fragasnap 29th October, 2006

When I got to the second level of the "Not in Heck" section, I seemed to float instead of fall...
I also couldn't continue in the game (I got to the door but I would go behind it and couldn't push up to continue), so I couldn't see the end, I can't give you a proper review if I can't get to the end!

These might be a problem with my computer, I don't own MMF2, but I wouldn't imagine that's the cause.
Posted by Dani Johnson 30th October, 2006

it works fine for anyone owning mmf2
i dont understand why there seems to be so little gravity on that level
sorry you couldnt get to the end
Posted by Fragasnap 30th October, 2006

No no, it's not because I couldn't get to the exit, I got there, it's that I would go behind the exit and wouldn't be able to continue, (By the way, I did press up).
Also, I said I don't own MMF2.
Posted by Dani Johnson 30th October, 2006

oh right that might be a slight glitch in the game i will look into it. thanks for letting me know
Posted by Dani Johnson 30th October, 2006

whats happened is if you get the key for the bonus level and find the door in level 5 then you go straight to the next level, i never realised there was a problem with that door. i will fig all bugs soon and put up the altered version.

Posted by steve 31st October, 2006

The platform movement is very, very bad in this game.
Level designs and theme were quite good though.

Posted by Mruqe 2nd November, 2006

Defaulty platform movement at it's worst.
But I like the graphics - even though the character allways faces the screen. And level design is not bad. I'm not going to vote thumbs down
Posted by Dani Johnson 2nd November, 2006

thanks for the comments, i know that default platform movement is baaaddd!! but i havn't mastered custom movement yet, i am geting there, i only learnt how to use mmf2 a few weeks ago so dont expect too much.
like i said above i hope to release a new version that has custom movement and fixes all the bugs
apart from that glad you like the graphics




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