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Bunny [Abandoned]
Author: Whippers With Submitted: 2nd November, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 164

Edited By Whispers Within on 11/2/2006

This is a shooter game I tried to make with MMF2 some while ago. It worked out pretty nice, although as most of us know, MMF2 had some strange bugs back there. But I worked around them. And then, there was a patch.

I spent hours making it work again, since some of the nearly thousand events now caused the game to malfunction. After remaking and removing some stuff, I made it work pretty well again, but now I don't have the time to work on it anymore, and I doubt I will continue the project. However, I thought that it might bring some ten minutes of joy to someone, and after all there is a whole genre called "Abandoned" here at TDC!

Most things in the game is original. All graphics except from the bunny girl-model are original. The menu music is original, although it sucks, and the rest is still temp-track (borrowed from Factor X). All sound effects are original.

On to the game:

Story: The game is a platform shooter starring Jack, a killer bunny! The game starts out, and END (although that was not originally intended) with Jack's first and final mission. The first mission of the game, but final mission for his previous employer.


Menu Controls

Move selection: Arrow keys
Select option: Enter
Previous screen: Esc

Game Controls

Move left/right: Left/right arrow keys
Jump: Shift
Fire: Ctrl
Bunny break: Space bar
Use Ally: Z (firing a cannon on lvl 2)
Aim upwards: Arrow key up
Crouch: Arrow key down
Crawl: Crouch + left/right arrow key
Pause game: Esc
Skip dialogue: Enter

What does it feature?

1 levels or so
Seven weapons (blaster, blade, uzi, shotgun, revolver, grenade launcher, rail gun)
A rating system (makes you want to play the level like a damn Disney movie, I tell you!)
Three levels of difficulty
And stuff

How long it does play?

Basically, it's just the tutorial and the first level. To cheat and gain access to all weapons instantly, write "WHISPER" during the level. After the first level, you'll get a rating ranging from Rat to Bunnyrabbit (four steps). There's a cutscene, and a level select, where you can buy weapons and go on to the second level, which... is where it ends, basically.

The game is short, and yet it's 4,2 MB big. However, one can usually download from my site with a speed of at least 1 MB/s, so this shouldn't be a problem. To those who does not have a fast connection, I apologize for not caring about the filesize.

I hope someone enjoys it!

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 (4.2 mkb )

Posted by JustinC 2nd November, 2006

Aw I was sure the bunny girl was some really really awesome pixel-art.
Posted by bhlaab 3rd November, 2006

to be honest its a little bit boring and the unskippable tutorial didnt help matters :\
Posted by Aptennap 3rd November, 2006

Wow man you are really great at pixelart that girl was HOT!
Posted by Tim 3rd November, 2006

Oi, that's Phizzy's mummy! Yeah was pretty good, bit glitchy in places with the bunny's movement.. Quite fun though
Posted by axel 3rd November, 2006

Haha, the title screen
Posted by 3rd November, 2006

This is pointless...
Posted by DaVince 3rd November, 2006

The story was good, and the gameplay was pretty good too. And there's humour! The pixel art was a bit less good, but that doesn't matter.

Only thing that annoyed me is that I got stuck in Playa Station because a rat was on the wrong position on the screen.
Posted by Superfunk 3rd November, 2006

The gameplay and techniques to use were really excellent! Most of the graphics are quite low in detail, but there were some extremely well detailed pictures.
Posted by Whippers With 3rd November, 2006

@Techno: That's not pixel art, that's my bisexual girlfriend and her equally bisexual twin (and they're both fond of incest)!

@DaVince: Thank you! Unfortunately, Playa Station is where it ends. Thought about making a "END OF DEMO" screen, but blah.

@Brandon & Bhlaab:


I know it's so easy it's silly, but it was supposed to be the first level after all, not the last stage.
Posted by robin90 4th November, 2006

It is supposed to end at the fifth screen of level 2.
Cos after bunny jump to the lower platform, I cannot find or control it. Good smooth game with nice music.
Posted by Dani Johnson 4th November, 2006

this game isnt bad just a little boring to play





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