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Water Bomb Freeway
Author: /\/\@RCU$ [Modern Game Creations] Submitted: 6th November, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 46

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Edited By MG_Creator on 11/6/2006

Always dreamed of throwing water bombs of a bridge onto cars? I bet you have.
This is a funfilled addictive game which you can't get away from. Throw the water bombs from the bridge down to the freeway and try to hit the cars. But you must avoid the Police cars, if you hit them the siren will go on and you will lose points. You should mainly have your eyes on the convertibles which are worth more points and hear the sound of them driving away scared. Enjoy watching as your water bomb makes a big splash on a car with a cool splash sound! You can move your player side to side to get a better angle to throw and trying to follow cars with a stampede of water bombs. Try to get as many points before the time runs out. When it does you can see your stats, like how many times you hit cars and how many misses. You can then submit your score if you choose. Then try to beat your score!!

Enjoy the game and Good Luck
(P.S Dont try this at home!!)

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 (799 kkb )

Posted by steve 6th November, 2006

it wont download
Posted by Franz (Fendez Gaming) 7th November, 2006

reminds me of the time I went round shooting cars that drove by with a water time they had their window open, and they chased us haha but yeh it won't d/l for moi either.
Posted by Mruqe 7th November, 2006 - why don't you try a decent host?
Posted by kankki 7th November, 2006

Or 250 mb's free
Posted by alibaba 7th November, 2006

Esnipe? pff
Posted by /\/\@RCU$ [Modern Game Creations] 8th November, 2006

Thanks guys sorry

Posted by /\/\@RCU$ [Modern Game Creations] 8th November, 2006

Posted by Laurens 8th November, 2006

Best game ever!
Posted by Tim 8th November, 2006

I can't see the screenshots so I'm bothering to download I'm afraid - not only that, this sounds EXACTLY like a rip off the water balloon flash game..

You coulda renamed it to something less obvious.. or better - changed the concept slightly?
Posted by /\/\@RCU$ [Modern Game Creations] 9th November, 2006

ive neva heard of tat game LOL im just a begginer
Posted by DaVince 9th November, 2006

Judging from the screenshots, I'd pick some colour combinations that don't contrast that much if I were you -- and don't use the fully red, green or blue colours either, they are known to be eye-hurting for some and annoying for most. Pick a shade of red, green or blue that's a bit darker, or a bit lighter.

Will download and play the game now. Further criticism awaits!
Posted by /\/\@RCU$ [Modern Game Creations] 9th November, 2006

Posted by DaVince 9th November, 2006

Woops, an installer? Sorry, won't install newbie games. I barely even install any Click game that comes in an installer, except if the reviews are good.

Don't even need an installer. Zipping the thing would have been enough.
Posted by Radix 9th November, 2006

"Always dreamed of throwing water bombs of a bridge onto cars?"
Dropping flourescent lights is more fun.
Posted by /\/\@RCU$ [Modern Game Creations] 19th November, 2006






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