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Swistakowy Klopot v1.0
Author: Projekt Siedem Submitted: 9th November, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 63

Edited By Projekt Siedem on 11/12/2006

Edited By Projekt Siedem on 11/11/2006

"Swistakowy Klopot" is a puzzle game. Your main task is to get to the exit door. You need to move boxes and other obstacles around you to get to the door. On your way you will be in many different worlds and enviroments such as fields, beach, snow or even volcano! You will hear peaceful music. The difficulty level will increase with each level. Game contains 41 levels throughout 8 different worlds. Fun for a long time!

Controls :
Arrow keys : Left / Right = Walking
Arrow : Up = Cimbling
Arrow : Down = Teleporting /using door
Crtl = Grab / Throw package
Shift+Left / Right = Rotate / Moving on the spot
Esc = Pause

This is the first creation of a group "Projekt Siedem". Swistakowy Klopot 2 is in the process of making.

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Posted by The Chris Street 9th November, 2006

Not sure whether or not to accept this.

I spoke to the guy who originally submitted this, and he said he didn't make it, so I told him I deleted it.

Then, hey presto! A couple of hours later or so, the game reappears with an almost exact description, except with a different account.

What do you think, admins?
Posted by Flava 10th November, 2006

Yeh looks dodgy. lol.
Posted by Projekt Siedem 10th November, 2006

Hey! I just wanted to clear something , Projekt Siedem is the game author. That guy who send the game earlier is a friend of mine and he wanted to support us . He wrote that Swistakowy Klopot (Whistler Trouble) was created by us, not him. Because we haven't got our own account. Now we have one and upoloaded the game. Sorry for this situation.
Posted by The Chris Street 10th November, 2006

Hmm, very well.

Can you make a more detailed description though?
Posted by Projekt Siedem 11th November, 2006

So, when you can accept game?
Posted by robin90 11th November, 2006

Hey, Look at this

Review is being created at caiman
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 13th November, 2006

A very nice game. I enjoyed playing it. It features very "clean" graphical design. And the main menu is quite amusing. The gameplay is well developed, as well as coded. Nothing needs to be added or deducted from it. Sadly, most my games (if not all) have something that needs to be removed/added/improved on them.

But don't get my wrong. Swistakowy Klopot is not a perfect game. I was never a fan of MIDI tracks so the music in this game wasn't too enjoyable for me. I don't mind the fact it's not original. Simply, it's not coherent enough with the pleasant flow of the gameplay (in most worlds). Also, while the graphical design is very good, the graphics could have been better. I'm not saying the game needs better graphics, but we can all agree that better graphics for this game could have been delivered (not just different).

Also, the game is not very difficult. The challenge value is on the level but I managed to finish the game in two evenings, perhaps spending 4 hours. Maybe the nature of the gameplay doesn't allow more difficult puzzles, but I noticed several "problems" repeating through levels quite few times. I was mostly stuck in levels where a decoy existed and confused me. Still, having in mind some painfully easy games I played lately, Swistakowy Klopot does fine in this aspect (but not great). And you also deliver a quite rewarding ending.

All in all, a very good game. I would be proud of it. If like numbers more, I would give it 7/10.
Posted by X_Sheep 13th November, 2006

This looks pretty nice. Gameplay reminds me of somehow.
Posted by 21st November, 2006

nice. im stuck on lvl 15
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 24th November, 2006

Level passwords:


Admins, you can remove my post if the game developer objects to it.





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