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Santa Claus Save Christmas
Author: Bruto Submitted: 9th December, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 65

Santa Claus Save Christmas is a classical action platform game for arcade lovers of all ages. In this enchanting adventure game with smooth graphics and sounds, the player will have fun all the way jumping and picking presents and special items through the levels in one the best Christmas themed game of the year. If you are a big fan of platform games you will absolutely love this one.

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Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 9th December, 2006

I loves it.
Posted by -Liam- 9th December, 2006

A good game, nice prefessional feel to it although i thought that the mvoement was a lil clumsey. Still, good game though!
Posted by Hempuli 9th December, 2006

Actually, i don't like the graphics style nor the idea.
Posted by axel 9th December, 2006

Oh dear. Don't use JPGs for screenshots, or at least use maximum quality.

Is this for the compo?
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 10th December, 2006

It can't be for the comp can it? it isn't a grid based game.

May sound a bit harsh but i'd never pay 20 us dollars for this.
Posted by The Chris Street 10th December, 2006

Me neither. It has good graphics but to be honest thats all it has going for it. It seems to be a loose clone of Bubble Bobble. It was really hard to distinguish between enemies and presents, and the movement was "triangular" - I don't really like those movements. If I were to review it, then I would probably give it a 3 or 4/10.

This game shouldn't make GOTW as the free version supplied is limited in the number of levels - making it effectively a demo. I don't see many people paying for the game, so why don't you just submit the whole thing for free?
Posted by AndyUK 10th December, 2006

given the vast quantity of free MMF2 games availalbe, paying $20 for this is crazy.
I don't think it's even worth the download if i'm honest. It's not all that fun.
Posted by Bricnic 10th December, 2006

This is such a shame.. it looks like a lot of time and effort went into this game, and the graphics are very nice, but I have to agree with everyone else and say that it is unfortunately very boring! This plays exactly like Snow Bros, an old game on the Sega Genesis (and probably many other platforms), and sadly feels quite clumsy and awkward. Aside from this, there are several minor spelling errors throughout (such as "invencibility") that detract a little from the game, especially as it asks for a hefty US$20. This could have been so much more!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 10th December, 2006

I wouldn't pay for it, but I still iked it.
Posted by danjo 11th December, 2006

im still looking for the nice graphics circy
Posted by /\/\@RCU$ [Modern Game Creations] 11th December, 2006

Posted by sean cameron 11th December, 2006

I thought the graphics in this game were 'nice', but they didn't seem very stylish or artistic. Jumping was a bit freaky.
Maybe I'm weird, but i felt like this game had no 'spirit'. That special something that shines when someone takes a creative vision and makes it a reality.
Maybe that's to be expected when the motivation is money, though...
Posted by Reno 11th December, 2006

looks good
Posted by Spiriax 11th December, 2006

After taking a look at the game info and screenshots a several times I decided to download it and check it out... but I didn't really like it. And I agree with most people here, paying 20$ for this would be insane.
(I just this is the first time I ever vote down something here actually... )
There seem to be alot of levels though but it's just randomly placed stuff here and there with the same platforms over and over and enemies with simple path-movement (how long would it take to make a level... 2 minutes maybe?). Quality over quantity.
Sorry but if you want money for a game (and especially this amount) at least make it really good.

Oh, and you don't have to inform the player 20 times that the CTRL-button is shoot. If you really have to, don't seal the movement 'cuz of it.
Posted by Antonio Barra 11th December, 2006

Though this game doesn't look bad, gameplay is very poor. The jumping is especially bad. I wouldn't pay 5$ for it, let alone 20$.
Posted by 12th December, 2006

The graphics look too mushy. >.<
Posted by axel 13th December, 2006

Posted by Rocketron 22nd December, 2006

Posted by Joshua M. 30th December, 2006

Well, isn't this a boring game? Sheesh. Also, jumping was very weird. 20 Dollars? Not worth it, really.





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