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Lynn's Legacy
Author: Josiah Tobin Submitted: 13th December, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 217

Edited By Rikus on 12/13/2006

Lynn's Legacy is an independant 2d action RPG, inspired by the likes of Secret of Mana, the Soul Blazer series, and the first three Zelda games.

The story follows the character of Lynn, a ball 'n chain wielding mercenary who wakes up in a small forest clearing after being blown out of the sky on a mysterious escort mission. She has almost no recollection of the events leading up to this point, and things only get stranger-- Portals leading to entirely new dimensions, strange encounters with sentient seeds, and an odd spectre of a man who calls himself Moth...

This is a project we've been working on for several years (since about mid-2003),
though 'serious' development on what became the current version hasn't been going on
quite as long. (Started Feb. 18th, 2005.)

After an extremely stressful few months, seemingly endless testing, and hearing
that damned dungeon song for the millionth time, it's all finished.
Eight dungeons, four overworld areas, five chapters...

This was a very difficult project to complete.
We hope you enjoy the final product.

Josiah Tobin & Cha0s, Lynn's Legacy team. Lynn's Legacy was released on 2006-07-21.

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Posted by axel 13th December, 2006

Looks rather interesting. I can definitely see the Zelda inspiration there (the trees, first screenshot)

I'll download later...
Posted by Ski 13th December, 2006

Hmmm. It took me a while to get to the actual download -_-
Reminded me alot of Zelda. Did more than one person work on the graphics by the way? They seemed to range.
Posted by bhlaab 13th December, 2006

I really really hate the main character but the game is fun, if completely derivative of zelda.
Posted by axel 13th December, 2006

Well lol, Adam. It's Sourceforge ffs.

Meh. Really don't like installers. You should arrange an alternative zip archive download, or you'll lose a lot of downloads. I'm just warning you.
Posted by sean cameron 13th December, 2006

This game seems really solid, movement was predictable and Lynn was easy to control. Graphics looked a bit bland and unnappealing, but that's just my opinion. It's hard to stick with, it didn't really 'grab' me for some reason. Pretty good though, seems like a lot of care was put into making everything very smooth.
Posted by Ski 13th December, 2006

I dont like them flying on space mantaray things in the intro, over the sea. Man thats so cliché.
Posted by axel 13th December, 2006

Hmmm, it's not bad. But...

1) Lynn looks like a green-haired hippy of some sorts. Her walking animation is also a bit weird.
2) The story felt a bit awkward. Dunno why, maybe because it went on a little too fast after the city and all the portals and that.
3) By the time I reached the first dungeon, it felt just too much like a Zelda ripoff. The general graphical style, and the way killing bats opened new paths etc.
4) The battle engine was also a bit awkward. It wasn't very... Strategic? You just run in front of an enemy and hit the attack button. Okay, I guess it's the same as in all Zelda games, and I only had that stick, but it was still a bit disappointing.

Otherwise, it's really nice.
Posted by axel 13th December, 2006

And yes, clichés. The game was full of them.
Posted by DaVince 13th December, 2006

lol, you got a whole sf account for it? This is bound to be promising...

Posted by Ski 13th December, 2006

Posted by Johnny Look 13th December, 2006

I sincerly hope this isn't a RPG maker game, I hate those.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 13th December, 2006

Heh, I put this game up on TIGS like 2 months ago; nice to see it make an appearance round here.
Posted by Johnny Look 13th December, 2006

lol it crashed in the intro.
Posted by renkin 13th December, 2006

Looks potentially very cool. Getting.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 13th December, 2006

It's pretty good so far, but seems pretty flawed.

The combat in this game is ridiculous, some enemies even have longer range than you do. And being forced to kill all bats when they always fly out of reach is annoying.
Posted by BeamSplashX 13th December, 2006

Two years to make? Like Eternal Daughter? Why am I saying this instead of commenting on the game?

Speaking of long-term design Zelda-alikes, why isn't Arunderan very popular?
Posted by 13th December, 2006

Meh, kinda good game. Crashed somewhere during the second dungeon though, im way too lazy to try again
Posted by Josiah Tobin 14th December, 2006

Wow, that was fast. Someone recently reccomended I post the game on this site, and I guess I wasn't really aware of the size of its community.

As for the various questions and comments/complaints-- The game had a development team of two people: myself and cha0s. I wrote the script, pixelled all the graphics, composed all the music/sounds (except of course the voices), and designed the maps, dungeons, and bosses. Cha0s handled all aspects of programming, engine design and scripting. With such a small team there's bound to be flaws, especially since this is the first full game either of us have really worked on.

The game is finished, and due to a variety of reasons I'm fairly sure we won't be coming back to it. To those who didn't like it or had complaints, well... Sorry. Put yourself in either of our places back when the game was being developed and you'd probably understand why we see this as a finished product and don't wish to revisit it for many reasons. Not to sound condescending-- I'm sure many of you have more experience with creating games than either of us. As I've mentioned before, however, there are many reasons why Lynn's Legacy turned out the way it did, which I won't really go into right now.

I hope some people enjoyed the game.

Posted by Josiah Tobin 14th December, 2006

Oh, and about the graphics 'ranging'-- Most of them were done a year or two ago, when my style was different and my skill less developed. Any graphics that were missing I drew fairly late in development, so a few things may seem slightly out of place.

Posted by Peblo 14th December, 2006

You are member 26147
Posted by Paul_James 14th December, 2006

this game is good and i like how the story is flowing but heres some constructive criticism to the gamedeveloper

1. The Controls are Awkward - and when i mean controls - i mean keyboard - the ALT key should never be used ever - it sucks its way out of place. try and keep ur controls to shift control enter space - or one config i love is a s q w = kinda like an snes controller

2. The swinging of the sword - its so difficult to hit something when looking up or down - and those ghostly men are too strong -

3. when u get hit - allow us some time to recooperate - like when ur blinking - be invincible for a second - the ghost guys can kill u rather quickly

4. change the music sometimes - the dungeon theme was just good but annoying by the 3rd dungeon


The readings on the ground ~ absolutely awesome great idea
Posted by Ski 14th December, 2006

Posted by DaVince 14th December, 2006

Pretty darn difficult. I died twice in that first behind-the-TV-noise dungeon and grew tired of the game.
Posted by DaVince 14th December, 2006

Oh, the music was pretty boring IMO.
Posted by axel 14th December, 2006

Hm, what was this made in? It's not a klik game, is it.
Posted by Ski 14th December, 2006

Lol DaPhizzy Ill get you a saucer of milk for that bitchy attitude
Posted by Josiah Tobin 14th December, 2006

The game was made in FreeBasic. Before anyone (potentially) starts sneering about 'another basic variant', I suggest you check it out:

Posted by -Liam- 14th December, 2006

Wow, I really enjoed that. Don't exactly know where people are coming from saying the game is full of clichés. I didn't think it was cliché at all. Good job!
Posted by Lukas Hägg 14th December, 2006

The engine is very solid and everything flows very
neatly. But, the main character is extremely bland and as a result unappealing. Lynn doesn't have eyes.

I don't mind the opening/story/whatever being cliché. If used right, cliché can be a positive thing. However, the total lack of narrative and information given to the player in the intro (and title screen for that mater) makes it hard to figure out what the heck is going on. The intro was too short and since the main character isn't focused on (and actually introduced AFTER the intro) makes it hard to guess whats going on.
Posted by Josiah Tobin 14th December, 2006

Characters not having eyes was a stylistic choice made from the beginning, and something I'm quite aware of. Just about everyone who's played the game seems to have complained about it, though.

The lack of information given in the intro was intentional, though I see your point. From the reviews shortly after the game's release and some of the comments posted here, the game seems to be sort of a 'love it or hate it' thing... Which, I admit, is a reaction I really don't mind.

Posted by DaVince 15th December, 2006

"Lol DaPhizzy Ill get you a saucer of milk for that bitchy attitude "

Maybe, but it's what I think. Not so good music and the game is too difficult, especially those cloaked guys. I died twice in the first dungeon, and you tend to get bored by the game when that happens.

Mind, I find the rest of the game good. It's just so hard...
Posted by Dr. James MD 15th December, 2006

"Lynn, I'm in Dundee"
Posted by Josiah Tobin 16th December, 2006

DaPhizzy: Hey, you're entitled to your opinion. I don't mind it. To be honest, opinions were very divided on the game's difficulty when it was released. Some found it extremely difficult, while an equal amount seemed to find it far too easy, and blasted through the game in a day or so. I suppose it depends on what you prefer and what you're used to. Oh, and with the exception of a few places later on, the Poltergeists (white cloaked enemies) can be easily dodged and avoided. Lynn's Legacy is different from many games of its genre in the sense that you don't have to kill everything you encounter in a dungeon; often, it's best to avoid some enemies unless it's necessary that they be slain. (Not that I'm touting that as the game's distinguishing feature or anything; just stating a fact )

Posted by Hill Gigas 16th December, 2006

Man, get a new host. That crap site kept trying to make me download "Windoze". I'm already frustrated with your game and I haven't even played it!
Posted by Mopex 17th December, 2006

Well, Lynn looks like a two-faced b¡tch and the intro is as sucky as moth, i haven't finished the whole game yet (stuck in plant dungeon), but even if lynn is a two-faced bitch the game is still great and i love the desert area You did a lot of effort on it, only bad things are the difficulty on some dungeons (a map would have helped a lot because there are tons of multiple paths and you get frustrated if you took a wrong one...) and the other bad thing is that lynn is a two-faced bitch. =
But the rest, great game...
Posted by Josiah Tobin 17th December, 2006

Actually, there are maps for dungeons... Hit up the readme.

Shroomlock: That's "Windoze VERSION." Aka, the windows version. Of the game.

Posted by Hempuli 19th December, 2006

woah, completed it a while ago!

Pretty good intrigue!

The only thing i have to complain about is that some dungeons have evil, totally empty and large rooms, which you have to run back and forth many times. Also, the dungeon music is REALLY annoying...

But thanks from good game.
Posted by Hill Gigas 19th December, 2006

Well, I played it... and it's a lot of fun! Good job there.
Posted by Josiah Tobin 19th December, 2006

The 'BFR' (Big Freaking Rooms in the words of another) were something I was also concerned about, and I do apologize for the unecessarily massive one in the fifth dungeon, Nerme. As for the dungeon music being annoying... I do agree, and also take the blame for that one. It's even more annoying when you're testing the dungeons for the millionth time.

Posted by Mopex 19th December, 2006

That's why you should turn the volume off.
Posted by Josiah Tobin 20th December, 2006

Bah! REAL men DO get horribly sick of their own music while testing! ...Or something like that...

Posted by robin90 21st December, 2006

Finally able to complete it.. The diffcult part of the game should be eariler part cos two hit by the ghost would kill you. But after you get the clothing, things will get easier. The most annoying part is the dungeon. Finding the keys is not easy and going back and forth is also pain tasking. The three chapters are very long.... luckily the last two chaptets have no more dungeon. The last boss is a bit too easy to kill Anyway, Great game !!
Posted by Dr. James MD 21st December, 2006

"I've been eating Toblerone Lynne!"

Oh yea, good game. Got bored in the first dungeon though, the pace up to that moment was perfect though. Really enjoyed the first area with the ambience.
Posted by cha0s 25th December, 2006

Hey guys, nice to see some people liked the game. I enjoyed being a part of the development. It was a tremendous learning experience.

First off, all those people that were like "Is that RPG makerlol" Um, the source code is available from SOUrceForge (of all places ;p), it's all FreeBASIC code. All 25,000~ lines of it. (PS, FreeBASIC owns.)

As I think is the case with many games, if we started Lynn's Legacy again with all the knowledge we have now, we would have done many, many things differently. At least from a purely technical standpoint, I knew basically nothing about software engineering. When I started I didn't even know what multiple modules were. And you can see the project progressed and became very advanced beyond that; however much of the architecture was evolutionary.

Anyways, this seems like a great site, I'm glad I stumbled on it. And thanks for getting the word out there about LL

Posted by Joshua M. 5th January, 2007

Interesting game. It feels very solid and although I would've liked it better if the main character had eyes, I don't have a lot of problems with it.

But man, you got me into this FreeBASIC thing. I'm so going through the source.




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