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3D Backgrounds Collection 1
Author: vigge Submitted: 19th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 128

A collection of 10 3d background pictures. The size of them are 320x200, 320x240 & 640x480.
The pictures are made in COREL Bryce 5. Please post comments or ideas for new pictures.

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Posted by vigge 19th June, 2002

oh, the one that ive uploaded to a screenshot is 540x405
Posted by vigge 19th June, 2002

btw, post your comments or ideas here, or at the forum:
Posted by MasterM 19th June, 2002

Thank you for this ;-)
Posted by vigge 19th June, 2002

no problem :), but plz have me in the credits
Posted by vigge 19th June, 2002

i will make about 10 pics in every week for you to d/l :)
Posted by colej_uk 19th June, 2002

These are REALLY nice!
Posted by Mark 19th June, 2002

mmmmm, make more:)
Posted by Marcus 19th June, 2002

This background collection is really stupid, you're gay.
Posted by jast 20th June, 2002

Well, if you just look at them, they are nice. But I know Bryce and it doesn't really take much more than 10 minutes to make a background like one of these... :-p
Posted by vigge 20th June, 2002

i know, this was my first attempts
Posted by vigge 20th June, 2002

ive now made a little bit more advanced pic :), a swimming pool! lol
Posted by C-Media 20th June, 2002

marcus, u r gay
Posted by Spug 21st June, 2002

Marcus is one of these spam people, isn't he? Signing up with multiple accounts just to say that everyone are gay?
Posted by vigge 22nd June, 2002

and then he review it as 10 :s
Posted by 16th July, 2002

i made a set called GAM SET with Stuff for games and programs.People Can use it To Make TGA or MMF game. Just copy the pictures out of it by Pushing Print Screen and going to a program that saves .bmp (Bitmap) and pushing Ctrl+V there then save it in bmp and import it into TGA or MMF with the Active Object Part.
Posted by 16th July, 2002

The Set has 3 Programs in it
Posted by ReXX 22nd July, 2002

Or they could just open it.......






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