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Skies Infinite
Author: david-clarke Submitted: 3rd January, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 321

Edited By david-clarke on 1/3/2007

You may have seen my advert, advertising this release last September. Well, after some delay, I’ve finally decided its good enough for public consumption.

Skies Infinite is a sidescrolling platformer, with elements borrowed
from many other game styles. You play as Raichel, and have Char by your side
at nearly all times within the game. Together you must explore the planets
environments and overcome enemies and puzzles. This game is semi-abandonware,
in that it has been cut down heavily from its original plan, which was very
ambitious. However the game is still a representation of about 2 years of work
and as such contains.

• 1+ hours worth of varied gameplay,
• a developed (if cut short) storyline,
• detailed graphics and nice presentation (If I do say so myself)
• 10 different weapons and magic abilities
• A large interlinking area to explore with plenty of N.P.Cs and varied environs.
• Puzzle which use both characters

I hope you enjoy the fruit of my labours, and I would like to hear any feedback people are willing to give.

This game uses music from both , as well as game exclusive music from a composer, who I have lost contact with. (If you are reading this please email
me soon)

If you have any problems regarding glitches in the game or other difficulties, or
problems regarding copyright issues etc... or anything else do not hesitate to
contact me via my daily click account or, email me at

Download from my website, and download the advert/trailer which was the ‘Daily Click advert competition’ winning entry at:

So there we have it…

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Posted by Aptennap 5th January, 2007

Looks cool, downloading...
Posted by Aptennap 5th January, 2007

Awesome game!! I like the exp thing, although i died many times at the start.
Posted by Hempuli 5th January, 2007

Good game; But there are some typos.
Posted by 5th January, 2007

Link doesnt work -_- fix plix?
Posted by Torava 5th January, 2007

Copy the link on the address bar.
Posted by Tim 5th January, 2007

OOOooo the long-awaited skies infinite right?

* "Sulking"
Posted by 5th January, 2007


Hope it gets on teh frontpage.
Posted by axel 6th January, 2007

Looks interesting. Downloading...
Posted by Zethell 6th January, 2007

Looks wicked... downloading.
Posted by Joe.H 6th January, 2007

who was teh music composer?
Posted by Ski 6th January, 2007

The guy in the advert still rather annoys me.
Posted by Matt Boothman 6th January, 2007

I believe it was me who composed the title theme. It was only half finished, and I couldn't continue because of RL stuff. I never knew this was in the game.

Ah well, you don't have to credit me or anything David, it's only half a midi anyway.
Posted by axel 6th January, 2007

The graphics were alright, and the music was nice. The whole idea of the game was good, but it would have been a lot better if it just hadn't been so damn buggy. I'm sorry, but I just didn't enjoy it that much. It was just very, very buggy.

But better luck next time. Just remember, try to get every little detail right, it forms a much better whole. You had lots of common bugs, like the way the text lagged behind when the game scrolled, and the way you could fly for short periods of time with the variable height jumping; Mostly errors that could easily be fixed with a few lines of code, or just by editing an object's properties. But do ask on the forums if there's anything that doesn't look or feel right. If you're not satisfied with something, then don't leave it there, because we won't be satisfied either. Ask on the forums, there's always someone willing to help you out.

Okay that's all
Posted by Matt Boothman 6th January, 2007

Oh, and when I say title music, I mean the music behind the story part at the beginning, not the actual title music.
Posted by david-clarke 6th January, 2007

@Axel, yeah I know, it is pretty buggy. Its because I did the engine ages ago when I wasn't so good at coding and just kept going with it, not bothering to go back and fix the whole engine.(as it would have taken alot of time). Thats part of the reason why i stopped when I did, so I could start afresh and do it properly in another game. But thanks anyway.
Posted by Fanotherpg 6th January, 2007

It's buggy but graphics are very nice.. And some problems with download and screens here..
Posted by steve 7th January, 2007

Engine seems pretty bad, movement, collisions etc not good enough IMO.

Story is good, nice presentation, menus+ options etc just needs a good engine to go with it.
Posted by Willy C 7th January, 2007

I'm giving it an thumb up. Although, you should fix that player movement, its pretty unplayable, and thats a shame, cos everything else seems smoothly executed.

It shouldn't take that long to fix, just delete the old movement and add the new one to the global events.
Posted by david-clarke 7th January, 2007

yes, global events. (rolls eyes) Problem is it was a bit poorly planned, and changing it would take far too long to fix to be worth it.

Posted by Willy C 7th January, 2007

okay. well, at least edit the terrain in the levels so that its more friendly too the crippled movement. I'm stuck at the very beginning because I can't get up from the ravine about two screens west from the small city at the start of the game.
Posted by DaVince 8th January, 2007

At first glance I thought you added a link to my site -

Will download.
Posted by Hempuli 8th January, 2007

Actually I think that many musics are from RPGmaker music files
Posted by Fanotherpg 8th January, 2007

RIPs? I hate RIPs But they sound familiar..
Posted by david-clarke 8th January, 2007

If you press up while you walk you can accelerate to a run, this helps you to jump large gaps.

I'm not sure of the proportions exactly, but it has a mix of music ripped from various rpgs, as well as music made by a composer specifically for this game.
Posted by Duncan 8th January, 2007

I love it! It's got a lot of heart.
Posted by Fanotherpg 9th January, 2007

And lot of bugs which makes game unplayable.. But game is good..
Posted by Duncan 12th January, 2007

I'm stuck trying at the third level down in the descending section where all the deactivated robots are hanging out. Button won't press.
Posted by SyKo 12th January, 2007

Cool game. Nicely presented n all that. Got abit stressed out with the bugs after abit, but hey, enjoyed the game.
Posted by david-clarke 14th January, 2007

you have to have a character on both buttons for it to work
Posted by David Niemeyer 14th January, 2007

Damned fine game. I can tell alot of work went into it.
Posted by Tomssuli 19th January, 2007

Hmm... I got stuck in the place that you have to shoot the button to make a hole in the column. The other column just won't move away. But I have liked the game a lot to that point anyway
Posted by david-clarke 21st January, 2007

wow, you got really far. Tip: It depends who is standing on what platform as to where the column opens up.
Posted by Dr. James MD 1st July, 2007

Whoooa nelly. I just found this on my computer. Had it since launch and never played
I like this, but like everyone else I find the movement engine a complete pain to use. Could be an outstanding game with some tweaking.





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