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Author: scp Submitted: 4th March, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 92

Edited By Flava on 3/6/2007

Edited By Flava on 3/5/2007

Edited By Flava on 3/5/2007

A small game of action abondoned following a “blue screen carsh”

You direct a cyborg and your goal being of clean the bad guys base for touching money rather ugly graphics being ny to lend not atention it is not my strong point

You begin the play while being in your office does it of it is that you to direct your “company” and accept or not the contracts which are in fact of the missions you will see that the play is very easy and unfortunately after the screen of the result of the mission the play does not have end (vou return right at the beginning)sorry i were demotived

Keyboard control:

Arrow keys
to direct the hero

to make fire

for accept the mission and to skip the various menus more quickly

Left Click
to validate the "ok" button on the contract

Right Click
to open the suitcase in your office

return to the previous menu, only working on the screen with the “mission available” sphere

have a good play ^^

Review This Download (353 kkb )

Posted by Flava 5th March, 2007

This download does not work, please could you fix it
Posted by scp 5th March, 2007

Sorry the correct link is

Sorry but the language of the play is in French I could not translate it because of this blasted blue screen considering which I lost the source: /
Posted by Flava 6th March, 2007

Ok anyone who wants to download will have to just click this link:
Posted by DaVince 7th March, 2007

You use an online translator, don't you?
Posted by Guspad 8th March, 2007

Good demo.
Posted by KyleKatarn 8th March, 2007

poor design level however the graphic style is nice. This demo is too short to assess the storys' quality and the progression in the game. The idea's interesting. The gameplay is ordinary, without originality.
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 12th March, 2007

It needs a lot of work... :/




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