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Atrigan Tank Wars
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Atrigan Tank Wars 1.0 Demo Edition
Produced by Starflare Studios Dec 2006
Quick Reference
W,S,A,D: Starts tank forward, backward. Turns tank left or right.
Mouse: Turn turret
Left mouse button: Fire main cannon
Right mouse button: Fire secondary gun
Esc: Exit
Ctrl-P: Pause
F2: Restart Game
Alt-Enter: Fullscreen
Put all files included in the zip file into one folder, then run the exe file.

Atrigo was once a beautiful planet, not unlike Earth, ruled by a single dominant humanoid species. That is, before the alien Scrin attacked. Climate patterns went chaotic and temperatures all over the planet dropped drastically in days. The Atrigans then split up into 2 major factions, divided by technological and cultural differences.

The First Invasion:
It all started one day more than a century ago, when observatories spotted what seemed like spacecraft moving towards Atrigo. The Scrin, a virtually unknown species at the time, launched a fierce surprise attack on the planet. Not long before this happened, Atrigo had reduced its army by half, as there appeared to be little use of it, and this left the Atrigans little ability to defend from the intruders. The remaining spacecraft fleets, inferior in numbers and strength to those of the Scrin, were soon destroyed together with most Atrigan outer-atmospheric installations and facilities. The Atrigans, however, defended their homeworld valiantly under the leadership of the Army of Genesis, and eventually managed to drive off the Scrin by raising a gigantic particle shield invulnerable to Scrin attacks. The invasion was short lasting, but nonetheless devastating. Within no time the Vinifera, a never before seen substance directly related to the Scrin, started to spread and infest Atrigan soil. It was feeding on the planet.

What also did not take the Atrigans very long to realize was that the climate of Atrigo was changing considerably; so drastic in fact that the delicate balance of the planet broke in a snap. Speculations after speculations about whether the new ice age was due to the Scrin, the vinifera, or the shield , but no one knew for sure. Atrigo fell, in no more than a decade, from once a prosperous planet to a deadly, frozen world. Cities were buried under ice, flora and fauna went extinct, then came the shortage of supplies, followed by chaos and anarchy.

Orders and prosperity continued to deteriorate. The commanders of Genesis, the then unified peacekeeping army of the planet, claimed the reign and took control of the planetary government through military power. Shortly afterwards, in rebuilding surface establishments, it became clear that the resources at hand would only suffice to support a portion of the remaining population. The new government, determined to maintain order, chose to expel a large portion of the population to the cold outside.

Aureon, the source of pure energy that exhausted long ago, was again created in a reverse process, and controlled in such way that an universal source of energy-mass supply was achieved. Shields were then raised everywhere, and monstrous multi-functional complexes were constructed. However with the energy problem solved, the government continued to expel citizens worldwide. Defense was put up around the dome cities, in which only the chosen people, the richer minority of the population could continue their livings. The remaining group of people were exposed to the icy world of the outside and left to die.

The strength of the Atrigans was not to be underestimated however. This forgotten, oppressed band of people managed to survive the harsh environment. They lived in old cities and caverns underground, they lived in seclusion and their existance to the Genesis was for a long time disregarded. These people survived on limited supply of goods and by the burning of the Vinifera. Although burning creates highly toxic gases, Vinifera provided a good source of energy and its explosive characteristics proved useful. Order and development soon resumed and within decades, the new generation, now calling themselves the people of the Nemesis, re-emerged.

The Second Invasion:
Another 10 years passed, more than half of the planet was now permanently frozen. After the Genesis pulled away from the people they saved and killed, everything was on the verge of collapse once more. For the Scrin were now returning, again trying to capture the targeted planet for their own consumption.

A new war was imminent, but this time the Genesis might not be able to save the planet once again. However well-equipped the Genesis army might have become, they were unaware of the burning hatred and jealousy the surviving Nemesis had against them. Was the second arrival of the Scrin an unexpected hindrance or the best chance ever for the Nemesis and their plan of vengeance?
Atrigan Tank Wars is a top down arcade tank combat game. In this game you take command of a Nemesis tank commander, Lieutenant Caley Koen. Provided in this demo is a sample level for you to play, and three differing difficulties.
In the demo, you will be introduced to most of the main items that will be featured in the main game; in addition, there is more to this demo than meets the eye at one glance; peek around and see if you can find the unlockable and easter egg in this demo!
In ATW you move the tank with your keyboard and use the equipment on your turret with your mouse. Your goal varies from level to level; always check your briefing for your mission objectives!
Friendly Vehicles

SS-15 Catastrophe Tank: The Catastrophe tank is the standard combat tank of Nemesis forces and is the first tank you will use as a crewman. It is equipped with a powerful but slow firing cannon and a versatile machine gun, which overheats if fired too fast. The Catastrophe makes for a good all round tank and combat vehicle, with decent armor and speed.

Rejuvenator: The Rejuvenator Support Vehicle is capable of repairing any serious damage to Nemesis armour. Simply drive up to the welding arm and remain stationary while the Rejuvenator crew repairs your battle damage.
Enemy Units

Shiner: Basic Genesis infantryman. Easily dispatched with a few machinegun rounds, a cannon shot or by simply running them over.

Jackal: Light Genesis hovercraft, annoying in large packs but nothing more than a nuisance alone.

Enforcer: Medium Genesis hovercraft, if not dispatched quickly can prove to be a thorn in any Nemesis tanker's side.

Orchid: The vehicle that strikes fear into any Nemesis tanker. The Orchid's aura-powered lightning bolts can fry any Nemesis vehicle within seconds if it is not destroyed with extreme prejudice.

D3 Solenoid: A stationary aura defense turret with standard armor but a devastating weapon. Recommended to stay at range if possible.
Vinifera is the toxic substance suspected to be responsible for the drastic climate change on Atrigo. This strange green mineral growth is HIGHLY dangerous to armored and unarmored personnel, so stay off of it unless you have a death wish or you are in a hovercraft. The Apocalypse tank can drive over Vinifera without taking damage due to it's special armor.
This should be all you need to know Lieutenant; some things are best learned in the field.

Now get out there, and saddle up!

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Posted by Jonny 6th April, 2007

Scrin? Isnít that from Command and Conquer 3? The green stuff growing out of the ground looks like Tiberium...other than that and some other unoriginal concepts, looks like a good game. I'll give it a try when I'm on my home computer.
Posted by redfox34 7th April, 2007

The aliens in our story were named Scrin before C&C3...we're going to change their name in the final release. Also, it is based originally off of a mod for a Command and Conquer game, so some similarities are expected =P
Posted by Hempuli 7th April, 2007

Actually, this looks nice.. going to dl soon
Posted by Zethell 8th April, 2007

The green stuff that grows out of the ground was in Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun too.. or was it the expansion..

Meh, they might of had gived the name Scrin at that time, just never revealed it ?
Posted by jpSoul 11th April, 2007

i've not liked because the controls are too odd for me, I don't understand why do you use this keys to move the tank, it's not intuitive at all...
and the game size is a little big ^^
Posted by redfox34 11th April, 2007

If you've ever played a first person shooter before, the controls should be extremely familiar...
Posted by jpSoul 12th April, 2007

i've played some FPS and the control were more intuitive: ZQSD or EDSF, it has the same form that the normal directional arrow keys up, down, left, right
Posted by Rhys D 12th April, 2007

no...most normal keyboards WASD is the default FPS control setup.
Posted by DaVince 17th April, 2007

ZQSD? That's gotta be annoying as hell.
Posted by redfox34 17th April, 2007

good thing that isn't the control setup for this game =P





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