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Author: Carl B Submitted: 30th April, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 105
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By Chris Street on 4/30/2007

This is a game I made as a project in school. It's a clone of an old game which I don't remeber the name of. Anyway, you play as the boat on the top of the screen and drop explosive barrels on the submarines.
The game is made in MMF 2 and it is in Swedish but I don't think it is going to be a problem for you to play it.

The controls are:
Arrow keys - Steer left and right
Z - Drop barrel
X - Shoot a shockwave

More info at the website
(Also in Swedish)

If you have any questions, just ask.
Please give me comments and critique about whats bad and good. It would also be nice if you could tell me about bugs.

Hope you enjoy it.

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Posted by Tim 30th April, 2007

Looks pretty nice, shame about the default counter thing on the top left But other than that... *downloads*
Posted by Hempuli 30th April, 2007

Noes! Sweden!
Posted by Zethell 30th April, 2007

Have you ever been to IMM in Umeå Sweden by any chance ?
Posted by Zethell 30th April, 2007

Cheap attempt to recreate BombaBåt made by Hezkore.

Graphics were okay, Sound was ok.
No music ?

Movements ruined the entire gameplay.

I dunno if i should give you a thumbs up or down..
Posted by Lelle 30th April, 2007

Okay game
Didn't really like the gameplay, but the graphics was really nice, cute shading.
Are you a JB-student?
Posted by Carl B 30th April, 2007

Thanks everyone for the comments.

No, I have never been to IMM in Umeå.

Yeah, I'm a JB-student in Skellefteå.
Posted by Spiriax 30th April, 2007

Looks cool. I gotta check this one out! (Fast jag tyckte det verkade oseriöst eftersom det är döpt på svenska, men det ser det ju att vara rätt seriöst.)

Zethell: Bor du i Umeå?
Jag är rätt nyfiken, för det gör jag nämligen.
Posted by Nillo 1st May, 2007

Heh. If anyone wants something translated, feel free to ask. I'd try it out myself but I'm pretty busy right now.

Själv bor jag en bit utanför Hedemora i Dalarna.
Posted by Zethell 1st May, 2007

Spiriax: Yeah, i do live in Umeå.
Posted by chrilley 1st May, 2007

It was a good game. A little repetive after a while though. It also reminds me of an old game I used to play.
Posted by Pkeod 1st May, 2007

I once made a clone of that old game. Your version is very superier
Posted by -Liam- 1st May, 2007

Well done. The gragpics and animation were very nice. Thumbs up! Congratulations!
Posted by Carl B 2nd May, 2007

Thanks for all the comments!

I didn't know that it was so much Swedish people around here..
Posted by Jason Orme 5th May, 2007

Very nice graphic style.
Posted by Zethell 14th May, 2007

Carl B: Didnt you know? Sweden is the number one place in the world with the most amature Game Developers!

And we all gather here.
Posted by Carl B 14th May, 2007

No, I didn't know..

Another thing I didn't knew was that Båtspelet got to be GOTW. I got really surprise!

Thank you all for the votes and comments!




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