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The White House
Author: matej pod Submitted: 8th May, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 163

Edited By matej pod on 5/8/2007

Welcome to The White House!

If you`re looking for some relaxation or finger recreation, you`re on the right place. The White House is the game which will test your shooting skills and feeling for observation; you can use it as a break from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Call of Duty

The rules are quite simple; when you see the terrorist, shoot him. Since they´ve stolen some helicopters and missile launchers, shoot them too. The harder the terrorist is to kill, more points you get. Time limitation will keep you stained without blinking, while photorealistic graphics gives even more
natural feeling to the game.

The White House is free of all charges, does not include any spyware and can be distributed without limitations.

Good shooting!

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Posted by Xhunterko 10th May, 2007

im not going to bother downloading. if this is another
'shoot bush' game, it should be removed and the use deleted
Posted by ChaosKastle 10th May, 2007

Well Xhunterko if you read the description it said you shoot terrorists, not Bush, but I think it would be more fun shooting bush because he is the worst president the US has ever had.
Posted by Kazuma 10th May, 2007

Why can't we shoot Bush? Who cares? Anyone should be able to make any shoot-a-person game they want. Bush, Napoleon Dynamite, and even Jesus. Suck it the hell up.
Posted by Zethell 14th May, 2007

Xhunterko: If i had the chance to kill Bush i would take it :]

@Kazuma, you suck.




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