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Author: Geert S Submitted: 28th May, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Turn-based Strategy Downloads: 152

Eat or be eaten. Will you survive the danger of this world?

As an unexperienced inhabitant of this world, the only way to survice is to gain as much experience as possible. Develop your sences, skills and inteligence in search for food and the avoidance of live-threatening situations.

Train your own Monster and be the best of Monsterpark!

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Posted by Sketchy 30th May, 2007

Interesting. A little simplistic. I think the low energy level that you start out with will be annoying - you can basically only play for about 5 minutes a day at first, and I don't know that it's going to have all that much long-term appeal to make me want to keep going back to it. I guess you're hoping people get addicted and buy the potions so they can play longer. That said, it seems like an original idea, and pretty well executed. Would probably appeal a lot more to Pokemon fans.
Posted by maVado 6th June, 2007

Here is the thing, I like the beginning and it plays well, however you play for about 3-4 Minutes a day which is anoying and you cant do much within that timeframe, this is where your concept fails and people move away from the game. I would suggest go for a 1 hour lock and people might get addicted to it and spend actual money on assets you can buy. Also think about Paypal as it is well known on the net. As for the game, I miss a questlog, a way to actually identify enemies and their level what makes it hard in the beginning to proceed.




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