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Author: waffleton Submitted: 15th June, 2007 Favourites:0
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Edited By Waffleton on 6/15/2007

Have you always dreamt of controlling Johnny Depp with a pen?

Well, congratulations- that's exactly what this game is all about.

By using the arrow keys you control a pen over the screen.
Moving the pen will leave a trail of black stuffs, and Johnny Depp just looves black stuffs. As soon as Depp spots black stuffs, your pen will vanish, and Depp will run around trying to eat as much black stuffs as he can; that greedy bastard.

Sounds confusing? It is
The goal of the games 19 levels is to get Depp to the chair located on each level. How to do this is quite obvious, no?
Draw a path from the chair to Depp, avoiding the various hazards and evil things.
To score bonus points (which cant be used for anything due to lazyness), collect the rotating apples.

If you should be stuck on a level, simply press 'spacebar' to restart the current level.

press "1" for windowed mode
press "2" for fullscreen mode

Made this game in under 2 hours.

Have fun :]

Sound effects borrowed from various games; musics are from the internets.
( If you have made any of the sound effects, and want me to remove them; just mail me and i will. Sorry for the 'stealing' >_>; )

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Posted by 15th June, 2007

Haha, sounds marvellous.
Posted by waffleton 15th June, 2007

it is.
quite sad though, the only shit i upload here are these 'joke' games, which are actually just something i do when i need a break from my more serious projects.
and 80% of the time i end up abandoning those too, so all i ever upload is crap x'D
Posted by 15th June, 2007

This is fun, although Johnny can move randomly sometimes.
Posted by waffleton 15th June, 2007

Lol i know lazy-ass engine, the thing just shoots blackstuffs-detectors in 32 directions from his marvellous head

and thanks ;O <3
Posted by Neuro 16th June, 2007

I got up to level 18. I found this game fun, too :} Worthy of a thumbs up!
Posted by waffleton 16th June, 2007

Thank ye :]
Hopefully i'll get something more serious uploaded next week. (antikrops 2)
Posted by waffleton 16th June, 2007

Haha, 4 thumbs up? marvellous

Posted by waffleton 18th June, 2007

And if some idiot still doesnt realise; this isnt supposed to be 'epic' 'awesome' or even good, s'just a small entertaining game I made in 2 hours.
Posted by Milo 19th June, 2007

I like this game. Johnny Depp looks a little like Adam from Myth busters (He acts like Adam too). I voted
Posted by waffleton 19th June, 2007

Yay, thanks
Posted by DaVince 20th June, 2007

Haha, that rocked.
Posted by waffleton 20th June, 2007

Thanks ^^
Posted by waffleton 20th June, 2007

Everyone who's commented so far has said only positive things. I want some criticism too, silly down-voters.
Posted by Hill Gigas 20th June, 2007

"Have you always dreamt of controlling Johnny Depp with a pen?"

Only on the Daily Click could you find a sentence like this.
Posted by Milo 21st June, 2007

Posted by DaVince 7th October, 2007

WADF samples!





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