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maqlopenw demo
Author: Ollie Submitted: 19th June, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 100

Edited By Ollie on 6/19/2007

A DnD style, multiplayer game

This demo is pretty basic but has all basic programming elements and bits. I apologise in advance for the tiny graphics (aww isn't it cute!?), the idea was to zoom in and use scrolling but TGF is a bit rubbish.

You start in an area near some shops and gateways. One of the shops sells skills which look like crazy boxes with numbers in. buy a couple of those then jump into the gateway and give it a go! I was pretty lazy with this demo so you'll have to alt+F4 when you die/finish.

Warrior: arrows,
shift main attack
enter, change skill/potion
control, use skill/potion
Ranger: r=up f=down etc
q main attack
w change skill/potion
e use skill/potion
wizard: (num lock) 8=up 5=down etc
0 main attack
. change skill/potion
numpad enter use skill/potion

Just looking for some feedback on something i made about 2 years ago. More on the programming rather than then gfx!!
Well anything that isn't ZZOMG YOUR GAME SUXOORSS TEH NOOB ROFLS will do

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Posted by Zezard 22nd June, 2007

Yeah, it's pretty good.

Of course it is always hard to evalue multiplayer-only games on your own... Perhaps you have or had plans to make a single player mode?

I like the graphics, a bit small though, would'nt hurt resizing it a bit.

The code seems to be pretty good, but the sfx got jammed when I played it and transformed the demo into a mess...
Good base though!
Posted by Ollie 22nd June, 2007

Cheers for the feedback!

yeah i can make it single player from this base easily! I'm working on enlarging/resizing it. Just having problems with the scrolling in TGF.

The sfx thing is strange. i thought it only happened on my pc due to some random sound card thing. This probably means that my version of TGF is a bit buggy. shouldn't effect the game file though so all can be fixed
Posted by Fanotherpg 23rd June, 2007

Could you put in on any other service that megaupload? Cause I can't dl it like anybody in my country..
Posted by Ollie 23rd June, 2007

try that

Posted by Fanotherpg 24th June, 2007

With problems.. but i downloaded.. Controlling of 3 characters is difficult they could have some AI or sth. And Shooters AI is.. terrifing.. They should run when we are getting closer and not I'm standing near to shooter and he don't do nth..
Posted by Ollie 24th June, 2007

it's multiplayer so the idea is that you shouldn't have to control all three! I will make a snigle player mode at some point in which you will only have 1 character to control. Given that this is the first level the AI is purposefully a bit simple. I've now realised that they stop shooting at v close range, Will correct that, Cheers!





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