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Broken Knuckles
Author: HandCraftedRadio Submitted: 1st July, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 343

Edited By HandCraftedRadio on 7/3/2007

Edited By Rikus on 7/2/2007

A ruthless gang of thugs known only as SID plots a plan to enslave mankind. It's up to two determined brothers to put an end to their plans. Take on the role of the brothers, alone or with a friend, as they take on various enemies, from street thugs to deadly ninjas.

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Posted by viva/volt 3rd July, 2007

Nice URL

Can't seem to download, the listing isn't found :\
Posted by steve 3rd July, 2007

Windows installer package? :S

The screenshots look quite good. Downloading...
Posted by steve 3rd July, 2007

Well, I played it. You need to look at the games that inspired you: Double Dragon, Final Fight or whatever and ask yourself "what made those games fun?". Because it really isnt here at all.

The graphics are ok, the sound is bad, the gameplay is slow, clunky and too repetitive. The "block" key doesnt seem to help the situation at all either and the cool down on it repulsed me.

The punch combination doesnt seem to work sometimes - the uppercut should ALWAYS smash the enemy up and away, but in your game it just acts as a regular hit.

I am guessing you made the code "if enemy is hit X amount of times then make them fall over" this is wrong. You need to make each attack damage the enemy in a different way, example the kick could have made the enemy crumple down a bit (so you could grab them) The enemy only have 1 type of "getting hit" animation, it just makes it feel a bit crap.

Not enough moves. I obtained the bo-staff but again, it had no different effect on the enemy when I struck them with it (just did more damage?)

It's a great effort though (i'm just very picky about fighting games as they are my favourite genre)

The key here is: when testing it, does it feel like a chore to play? Because it did to me - you gotta find that "fun factor" it's so important for a genre like this where the gameplay can be repetitive.
Posted by Zezard 3rd July, 2007

Whoa! This is pretty good. But when i died on Hitler, it was not good enough to make me play it again...

I think better gfx, sfx and some really catchy music could have made this game a classic, the engine and game features were good though.

I'ts really hard, but thats just good if the game is good. I'll give it a try with a friend sometime.
Posted by HandCraftedRadio 3rd July, 2007

A patch for the game can be found here. Fixes bug in two player mode. Also, here are some cheats to skip levels and gain lives.

(Hold Down These Keys At Title Screen)
Skip to:
Lvl2- B-A-T-2
Lvl3- B-A-T-3
Lvl4- B-A-T-4
Lvl5- B-A-T-5
99 Lives:

Posted by waffleton 3rd July, 2007

Lulz internets.
Posted by Ricky 4th July, 2007

thumbs up
Posted by Zezard 5th July, 2007

Wohoo, cheats! Ok, I might try it again then
Posted by HandCraftedRadio 7th July, 2007

Napoleon is level 3, so level 4 is level after that (see cheats above). Are you sure it was an animation bug? It isn't made very clear in the game, but you can't punch napoleon, you have to pick up the mines and throw them at him.
Posted by HandCraftedRadio 11th July, 2007

Actually, this was not made with MMF. It was coded from scratch in C++ with the SDL graphics library. The engine and all code is completely original.





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