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Author: Sephirenn Submitted: 6th August, 2007 Favourites:0
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Edited By Sephirenn on 8/11/2007

Here it is folks, my 48-hour competition entry! I didn't put the whole 48 hours into it, probably a lot less actually, and as you can tell from the screenshots, it looks like a steaming pile of newb... but it's fun!!!

It's not long, and I can't say too much without ruining it, but I'll give a short description. The theme of the competition was "Paradox", and as such, my game takes it to heart. Not only does each set of levels take a paradox into account, but the game ITSELF is a paradox.

The best way to describe this game would be a quirky arcade-action-puzzle game, as it leans toward all genre's mentioned at some point. Part of the fun is figuring out how to play, and now there are tips built right in if you keep losing!

--3 sets of levels and a final stage
--Cool vector (easy to draw) graphics
--Mods from the internet
--Dynamic tip system for those that have trouble

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Posted by Bricnic 6th August, 2007

Nice game. Love the ending. I guess you really did put a warning didn't you
Posted by waffleton 7th August, 2007

Haha, the end was brilliant. :B

Really nice and stylish game. I really enjoyed it.
Its pretty short though?
Posted by Bricnic 7th August, 2007

Well that might be on account of:
"...48-hour competition entry! I didn't put the whole 48 hours into it, probably a lot less actually..."
Posted by Ricky 8th August, 2007

can't get past the hard on level 1 yet
Posted by Sephirenn 15th August, 2007

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