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Space Barnacle
Author: Golds Submitted: 28th September, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 157

Edited By Golds on 10/1/2007


Originally created for the The Independent Gaming Source B-Game Design Contest, Space Barnacle is an homage to the classic 8-bit games of yore.

Hunt for the technology required to obliterate your enemies and avenge your father. Destroy the reactors. Send attackers to their graves. And avoid the deadly machinery that blocks your path!

We're still polishing this game up, but the version submitted for the B-Games Contest is available here:

Alt-Enter for full screen.


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 (2.5mb )

Posted by waffleton 29th September, 2007

I played this before, really nice retro-ish game you got there.

Didn't really fit into the B-Game compo IMO, but consider that a good thing ;

Nice game.
Posted by steve 29th September, 2007



Looks good! Downloading
Posted by -Nick- 29th September, 2007

Excellent game, really nice. But it crashed when i got a health upgrade.
Posted by Tim 29th September, 2007

Screenshot four is the best screenshot I've ever seen - to date LOL

Posted by viva/volt 29th September, 2007

This is fun! Reminds me of Cavestory and Lyle in Cube Sector (some of the music is the same ) Thumbs up!
Posted by -Nick- 29th September, 2007

Actually, it crashes if i get any item IF my external hard disk is turned on.
Posted by steve 29th September, 2007

thumbs up, nice game. I love sound effects and the way some of the monsters die
Posted by -Vinny- 30th September, 2007

when i look at the title, i keep thinking space "BARRICADE"
Posted by Cazra 30th September, 2007

awesome game, but it wouldn't let me exit from the screen where you get the quantum disruptor.
Posted by DaVince 30th September, 2007

I'm liking the TV look! Downloading...
Posted by DaVince 30th September, 2007

Nice! I like it.

"... DS_Store (Desktop Services Store) [1] is a hidden file created by Apple Inc's Mac OS X operating system to store custom attributes of a folder ..."
Uh, you might want to leave the DS_Store files out of the zip next time.
Posted by Imadjinn 1st October, 2007

In the immortal words of Andy...

I don't like it.
Posted by Golds 1st October, 2007

hey guys, thanks for the feedback!

I'm looking at the bug some are getting with powerups and there should be an update soon.

Imadjinn, did you have any specific issues?
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 7th October, 2007

Erm...I'm stuck on the screen with 3 fireball spewing plants and 3 bireds. After the first elevator in the game. What am I missing?

Other than that, very nice engine, but the retro-style isn't really coherent and direct as I expected it to be. Not like in Plasma Warrior. And the gore seems out of place.
Posted by sententia 18th October, 2008
Rated :

I still have this game on my computer; I loved it. Really nice style, the retroness was perfect, and overall it was well done.

I don't know if the version I have is old, but the testing keys are still in it for some reason ('D' blows myself up, 'F' restores the animation, 'G' takes me to a testing level.




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