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Good Times Gone
Author: Jomie Submitted: 29th October, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 122

Edited By Jomie on 4/8/2009

You are the ex-leader (Rade Statham) of famous NOFOD commando team. World is in danger once again, this time it's getting harder than ever.
(The story carry on the events of WAR 6 "the never ending war series". There is 3 chapters in WAR 6, and for example of those WAR games you can see the trailer of chapter 3 from here:

Game features:
In game you have an ability to slow time (matrix style) and with you there is different kind of weapons (double uzi,ak47, deser eagle, grenades and ect.)
In some missions you can fight with NOFOD team.
You can example grab a wheelbarrow to cover you, get closecombat fights with enemies. But be aware of commandos. They are highly trained and they use different kind of tactics to eliminate you (they can throwh flashbang or grenade, they can ask from an another commando to cover them when they are in a bad situation, ask for covering fire while they are moving behind an object, ask for fallback or example ask for attack) for my self I'm really proud of the A.I. of them

(PLEASE READ readme.doc so you know all controls!)

There is one problem with the graphics. When I saved the game to STAND ALONE format, graphics changed somehow to "crispy" (I don't know what is the real word for that)
If somebody could tell why's that, I would be grateful.

GOOD TIMES GONE, CHAPTER 2 is now on the work!
I have already made (special thanks to AFTERSTARX for awesome critical comment):
-Possibility to change between two weapons in level, like pistol - Ak47
-Possibility to change difficult level
(normal: normal energy, normal amount of weapon clips)
(high: low energy, low amount of weapon clips)
-Limited ammo for "second gun", so pistol has unlimited ammo and example Ak47 has limit ammo like 3 clips.
-New shooting for pistol. Now bullets will only go forward.
-Commandos take more hits, but if you shoot them in the head they will die immediately.
-More [GRAB] objectives on the field.
-Awesome story...!

And lots of improvements coming, like spying features, more action on levels, new guns (sniper rifle, C-4 exp.) ECT!

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Posted by Hill Gigas 29th October, 2007

The filename should be changed to remove the space. Right now you have to paste the link in the address bar to get it to work right.

(Also, zip files are better)
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 29th October, 2007

My favorite lines:
"Rade, you are not too good at shooting."
"End is here."

Broken English makes any game twenty times better. Lots of work put into this, cool, but the movement and bullet paths were felt like there was little control over where the bullets were going, and you needed a lot of luck to not die.
Posted by Jomie 29th October, 2007
Rated :

Sorry the english. Not too good at it.
Posted by Hill Gigas 29th October, 2007

Hey, I really wanted to download this and play it but I dont have winrar. I went looking for it but there are a thousand rar-phonies out there waiting to load my computer with spyware and viruses. It's just not worth it. Use zip next time, every computer with Windows can open them. I know rar has its benefits, but you are cutting your audience down by 75% by using rar files.
Posted by Jomie 29th October, 2007
Rated :

For some reason, my winzip doesn't work. So that's why the file is compressed to .rar
Posted by Hill Gigas 29th October, 2007

Well forget the program "winzip", if you're using Win 2000, XP or Vista then they have their own zip program built in. Right click and create a new "compressed folder". This is a zip file that almost any computer can open.

And I found the offical winrar site,, but the program isn't free, you can only download a trial version. So that's a bummer.

By the way, the graphics look really good from the screenshot! You did a good job on them!
Posted by DaVince 29th October, 2007

Shroomlock, get 7-zip. Free, includes tons of archive support (including its own superior .7z file type) and is open-source, which basically means free from certain threats like spyware.
Posted by DaVince 29th October, 2007

Also, Jomie, you can create ZIP files in WinRAR just as easily.
Posted by Hill Gigas 29th October, 2007

Hmmm, free you say? That would be helpful.
Posted by jbjovi 30th October, 2007

Thumbs up for the music and for the works you put in this game. But there are lots of problems :

Sound is buggy (loop)
Big slowdown sometimes.
Shoot is strange...

You have done a great job but you need to polish all this. I don't have any sprite problems, all looks like in the picture.
Posted by Torava 30th October, 2007

64MB?! I'm sure you can compress this game better. Decrease quality of audio files. If the game has big pcitures, you could put them to file and load them with Active Picture.
Hm, maybe the graphic mode of application changed somehow and then the quality of graphics decreased.
Posted by Jomie 30th October, 2007
Rated :

Nowadays the internet speed has increased so much, that the file of 64mb is not a shi* : )
So I did not even wanted to bother my self to decrease something to make the file smaller.
Posted by Hempuli 30th October, 2007

Yay! You're back!
Posted by Jomie 30th October, 2007
Rated :

We never went off Hi, hempuli!
Posted by Torava 31st October, 2007 may be corrupted. It could be nice if you update it to YouTube.
Posted by Jomie 31st October, 2007
Rated :

Hmmm... I transfered a new file to server, now it should work!
It's exe file, so I can't put it to YouTube.
Posted by Jomie 31st October, 2007
Rated :

Few minutes, then the transfer is done...
Posted by Hill Gigas 1st November, 2007

I thought you couldn't make zip files.
Posted by Jomie 1st November, 2007
Rated :

That was zip file what was made long time ago. In the server was even much older?

Posted by AfterStar 2nd November, 2007

This game has potential but needs a lot of rework.

Nice sceneries(Background and areas),use of slow-motion ability and good music, however the gameplay itself is too dodgy and simple.

>Graphics get disorted very often.

>Some sounds get stuck in an infinite loop,until the end of level,very annoying.

>Shooting is too random. Bullets should not fly in a random direction.At least either use the mouse for target or move the target with arrows or even just shoot forward would be better than just random fire.

>Game too easy,no challenge, just move forward,reload unlimited times,click fire button until reload time again. If injured go behind something crouch wait 15sec. and move on.
Too easy to kill enemies,they don't have time to react.

>Too much emphasis on presentation rather than gameplay itself.Spend more time improving the engine and gameplay aspects instead of presentation.

>Grab ability too messy, object interaction with player messy too, needs rework.

>Offer variety of weapons with ammo supply instead of changing each level to one with unlimited ammo.
(Keep pistol unlimited ammo).

That's some of the points I think you need to consider.If this is one of your first games,then I must say it's a very good attempt.
I know you put a lot of work into this and it doesn't really deserve a thumbs down. So Thumbs UP for you.Learn and improve the game for the next chapter.
Posted by Jomie 2nd November, 2007
Rated :

This is NOT our first games...! That's an insult DAMN!

The sound problem is wierd... because I don't have it at all...?

There is some problems that what you just can't fix, like that the text will mess up the background for no reason...But when you focus on something else, it doesn't bother you...

And the shooting Damn! I thought that it will give more challenge when the bullets will fire to random directions, but many people has wished that it must be changed so I will change it

And the bullet limit will be in the next version or in the next chapter, thanks for advice!

But I think that the random shooting fits very good to rapid fire guns like AK47 and UZI because in real life they shoot like that, so that will not be changed!

And the difficult of game was made on purpose for to be FUN and NICE to play! Not hard and too challengin.

And the weapon thing take's much time to do if you make it so that you can change the weapon in level. But maybe I will try it
And the second thing is that when you gain a new weapon when you go level to level it gives you new motive to play the game forward

So the changes will be:
-New shooting to pistol, bullets will only go forward
-Maybe a possibility to change a weapon.
-Bullet limit, so you have to think how to shoot.
-Possibility to change difficult level:
LOW: much energy, much ammo, ect
HIGH: low energy, low ammo, ect
-Some other little improvements!(grab system ect.)

Damn, it will be good game!

But don't ever say "If this is one of your first games.... ect" That's very very very very bad... ....
We have made games since 1998 , sometimes being active, sometimes very passive.
But... This is actually our second puplished game, so you are close about that!


Posted by AfterStar 2nd November, 2007

Heh sorry if you got it the wrong way,it wasn't meant as an insult.
I was just saying that IF it was one of your first games it's very good,since I haven't seen any of your other games.

I gave you critical comments, the ones that will help you improve.
Btw are you using TGF or MMF? Because games made in TGF often cause that sound loop bug.

Posted by Jomie 2nd November, 2007
Rated :

Posted by eyeangle 2nd November, 2007

too big...
Posted by Jomie 3rd November, 2007
Rated :

It's worth of downloading : )
Posted by Torava 3rd November, 2007

There is some problems that what you just can't fix, like that the text will mess up the background for no reason.

You can fix it. Use active- or background system box for text.
Posted by Jomie 3rd November, 2007
Rated :

Hmmm...? Can you explain more, because I don't get it.
Posted by Yokozuki 6th November, 2007
Rated :

The story and style are top awesome! Very seedy and macho like the movies Die Hard or Escape from New York. Sort of 1980's-early 1990's - reminds me of double dragon or contra. The gameplay needs help, but I still played all the way through just for the story
Posted by Jomie 6th November, 2007
Rated :

There is about 15 pages written that story much deeper and wider in Finnish. But my english is kind a bad, so in game it's just a main things of it.
All of that story has it's roots on WAR 5 and WAR 6 games.
The main character (Rade Statham) and NOFOD team was on those games.
And Kaufmen and Dostoi Alek (GTG's bad guys), have some connections to R.I.S.E and SIEC Terrorist organisations, but now I wont tell about that, because it will be revealed on chapter 2 of Good Times Gone. (those terrorists were in WAR 6 chp1, and chp2, but were defeated and vanished by NOFOD)
And everything what happened in those games (war5,6) have or will have effect on GTG's events.
((you can see the war6 chp3 trailer
The first WAR game was made on 1998 (and it's surely a worst game ) But the WAR games are a legends.
War1,2,3,4 don't have the same story what is in 5,6 and GTG. They have their own story, where is no NOFOD and other things.
I think that any of these click games here don't have this deep story that has it's roots on many games. And has written so detailed and "widely".
I have even drew maps of those lands what are in those games (like Efrot and Sera)
And everything else stupid little things

So our games has always been an objection (dont know if that is the right word) to little games with has no "passion" and "deeper touch" at all. You just jump platform to platform...





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