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Smiley Fruit Machine 1.6
Author: Krush Brother Submitted: 24th December, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 51

Smiley Fruit Machine 1.6 is an updated version of the original Smiley Fruit Machine that I released way back in 1999.

It has all new graphics, some new sounds and music, and a lot of brand new features (mini-games). The code is also a lot tighter, and has been extensively tested.

There are a couple of little niggles, but no show-stoppers (at least, none that have been found in the last couple of months of testing).

There will be minor updates, as I fix the little things that still need doing, so if you find anything that you think is a bug, please visit the website and post a bug report.

Have fun,

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Posted by LaraSoft Software 27th December, 2007

Some nice mini game ideas there; very pleasing. However the frequency of getting to the feature board was low for me. Of course its all a game of chance but I fear some will tire of spinning reels for most of the game, (yes I know thats half of what a fruit machine is about!)

Also on a couple of occasions I found holding with the center button didn't actually hold the reel.

Very well done overall however
Comment edited by LaraSoft Software on 12/27/2007
Posted by Krush Brother 28th December, 2007

Thanks for the comments.
The frequency of getting up onto the feature board varies greatly with each go.
I seem to be quite unlucky when it comes to getting up on the feature board, yet other members of the family seem to regularly get up there 5 or six times during the 50 credits.

This game has been tweaked constantly over the years, and it would never have been released without getting the averages just right.
Do what I do.
Get others to play with you, and sit there cursing as they once again get one of the big money features, while you can't even get up there on your go.

As for the hold button, that isn't limited to the centre button. It's because the button is pressed twice (thus cancelling the hold). It's on the list of things to look at.
Don't forget that all 4 fire buttons are used in Smiley Fruit Machine.
Button 2 for most actions, and buttons 1,3 and 4 act as the hold buttons so that you don't have to move the hand across to hold the reels. It speeds the game up considerably.
This is because we play it on our HDTV using a laptop connected via HDMI, and controlled with a wireless joypad.
If you imagine a Playstation joypad button configuration, the bottom button is the main one, and the left, up and right button are the three hold buttons.
The button problem you mentioned, where the hold is cancelled as soon as it held because of a double hit, doesn't happen when using these shortcuts.






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