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Ville Peli (Ville Game)
Author: Willeeee Submitted: 26th December, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 111

Edited By Ville Vuoksiala on 12/26/2007

Norppa (finnish.. one of the seals.. in latin Pusa hispida saimensis) is a funny creature from Lake Saimaa of finland.

Norppa is fun. DOnt kill norppa! It has a very nice soul.

Squirrel is bad, kill it and frog. Mutilate them. Its fun! if you can get 100 points or more please send a screenshot for me! i dont think u can do it! squirrel gives 1 point, frog 50 points, and Norppa makes u lose 25 points. I have allready done games with games factory for over 15 years. as you can see.

This games has been made with tgf2 demo so you need tgf or mmf to play it.. (not an executable u know?)

try to kill squirrels and shoes(frog)

Shoe is frog because u can wear them on your foot.

i LIKE seals exsepisiialllly saimaan norppa. Beer is good. And i like lizards. And have a good new yars. I will. Next ytear i promise to kille many7 squirrles with you guys. thanks for playing. My dad doesnt play with me anymore cos im allready 22 so he thinks i should grow up.. why is that? i like sandboxes.

(screenshot 2.. my high score )

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Posted by Hempuli 27th December, 2007

Nojoo... Taitaa olla lievä trollimeininki täällä?
Posted by DaVince 27th December, 2007
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Posted by Aptennap 28th December, 2007

Posted by Hill Gigas 28th December, 2007

holy crap dude
Posted by 29th December, 2007
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my score was 30, and when i died it went down to -16... this game was so bad XP
Posted by Torava 29th December, 2007
Rated :

I like this game.
Posted by steve 30th December, 2007
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is this another game-made-badly-on-purpose thing?

Posted by steve 30th December, 2007
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Posted by jpSoul 1st January, 2008
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Posted by Lunar Games 1st January, 2008
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Posted by DaVince 8th January, 2008
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Posted by Sphax 12th January, 2008
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Sooo bad...
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 31st January, 2008

I seriously hope this was a joke. If not, i hope its a first game. If its a first game, then hey.. its not so bad.
Posted by Pipeweed 12th June, 2013

Well yeah, it sure was a joke





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