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Cryn the Dark Reflection
Author: surfer2008 Submitted: 26th January, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 150

Edited By surfer2008 on 1/28/2008

Cryn The Dark Reflection is an RPG role playing game, styled after classics such as Final Fantasy and Zelda. Lead Cryn through his journey into hell with his brother Beorne.

As the son of an dying king, you know that one day soon you will have great power. However, this power is shared between you and your brother.. and things aren't always as they seem.

United by a common bond, you assume the role of the younger brother, Cryn, as he finds himself caught in an unknown path along with his older brother, Beorne.

Cryn features the following:
- Bird's eye view of over-world.
- Weather effects including sun, rain, fog, and more.
- More than 50 different random monster encounters and pre-set boss encounters.
- Turn-based battle system using physical attacks, offensive, and defensive magic.
- More than 15 different spells.
- Spell evolution occurring at level 10+.
- Unique monster spells and NPC attacks.
- Some NPC characters can be controlled by user during battle.
- Switch between multiple view points in game and control different character missions.
- Game may be saved at any time to restore from last save point.

This demo takes you through the first half of Cryn's epic adventure. Download the free demo at

Updated to support Windows Vista.

* Daily Click users, contact me at the link above for a free copy of the full version game.

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 (6 mkb )

Posted by alastair john jack 27th January, 2008
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This is pretty good, some of the graphics a bit annoying though.
Posted by maVado 30th January, 2008
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AppName: cryn the dark reflection.exe AppVer: ModName: cryn the dark reflection.exe
ModVer: Offset: 00019346

Hat a nice crash when fighting a gremlin. OK gameplay. keep it up.
Posted by Wicked Studios 5th February, 2008

he didn't make this. i played this game probably five years ago from some share/freeware game site.
Posted by surfer2008 6th February, 2008

Wow, what do I need, source code to prove it? Ok, here you go:

else if (Location == 1)
King.SetText("King:\nMy sons I am not well at all, and it is clear one of you will be an heir to my throne. Cryn, so wise and of a kind heart. Beorne, so strong and knowing. You two must be strong during my final days.", 1);
King.SetText("Cryn:\nBut dad, what will we do when you're gone?", 2);
King.SetText("Beorne:\nOh spare me.", 3);
Location = 2;

Yes, I originally released the game about 5 years ago and recently came across this site while looking for some indie rpgs to try out. I decided to submit here as well.
Posted by Airflow 29th April, 2008

I really really hate installers.





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