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The Almighty Paintbrush
Author: ThePodunkian Submitted: 28th January, 2008 Favourites:3
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 292
79th Place     (4.35 / 5)

The Almighty Paintbrush is a mod and level editor for my work in progress game, The Underside. With it, you can create your own stories, levels, or even mini-mods that replace sound effects/music/graphics.

Documentation is incomplete as of now, but you can find support for creating your own mods on the official Underside forums:

The Almighty Paintbrush comes with the original TU game preview that was released awhile ago, as well as two short mini-mods that are provided as examples of how to do things with the engine.

The included preview contains the same 2-5% of the game that was released for the older preview, though some of the dialogue has been changed.

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Posted by Ski 28th January, 2008
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Posted by Pixelthief 28th January, 2008
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You released a level editor for a game before the game itself? >.>

good stuff tho
Posted by ThePodunkian 28th January, 2008

i figured it might increase tide people over until the full game comes out (which could take decades), and keep people interested in the project at the same time
Posted by alastair john jack 28th January, 2008
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Might be useful to mention that "Cntrl" opens up the select tile thing in the modding.html.
Comment edited by alspal on 1/28/2008
Posted by ThePodunkian 28th January, 2008

oh shoot, you're right

i've added it to the docs :^)
Comment edited by ThePodunkian on 1/28/2008
Posted by viva/volt 28th January, 2008
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Awesome! I noticed though that in the actual game if you don't get the stun gun, leave the antechamber and come back the "I've just fallen down the whole lol" cutscene plays again and you start on the floor.

That's quite an interesting way to implement Lua, I might add, I didn't ever think of doing it that way. After looking at it I managed to make a system to replicate it .

All in all very awesome, I might be able to re-make EE WW as a mod >_<.

EDIT: I have done as much as I can be bothered to, for now.

The mod has: The tileset of the first area, the Dialogue Box and Inventory graphics changed to match EE WW, the walk, jump and land sound effects of EE WW and the character. It could be a se/prequel .
Comment edited by Benny -__- on 1/28/2008
Posted by ThePodunkian 28th January, 2008

yeah thats a typo i made in a script because i'm stupid.
Posted by cubehead 29th January, 2008

Every time I try to run this game an error message pops up that says "Cannot load pxPlay.mfx. This object could need an external program or library not yet installed." Any Ideas what's wrong?
Posted by ThePodunkian 29th January, 2008

try downloading and putting it in the same dir as the game. i'm not sure if it'll fix it but it's worth a shot
Posted by cubehead 29th January, 2008

That didn't work.
Posted by Tim 29th January, 2008

Tbh I think you should've named it something to do with 'The Underside' so that people actually know what it is, rather than falling in to the trap of ignoring it - assuming it was some paint program instead

As I nearly did... tis cool though.
Posted by ThePodunkian 29th January, 2008

in the intro to the game, the world in the story of the underside is created by the universal king with a paintbrush called the 'almighty paintbrush'

cubehead - try putting it in your C:\windows\system32 directory. if that doesn't work i don't know what you can do
Posted by Tim 29th January, 2008

Ok then. Guess everyone isn't going to know that at first until they play it, but ah well.
Posted by Ski 29th January, 2008
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well hmm...perhaps they could look at the description, and then perhaps the screenshots?
Posted by erghhhhx 30th January, 2008
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This game is truly great, but why do i recognize it so much?
Posted by Subbari 30th January, 2008
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Very nice!
Posted by Cazra 31st January, 2008

yay! Cave Story clone! =D
Posted by Tim 31st January, 2008

Those people wouldn't have been so ignorant then, Adam.
Posted by danjo 1st February, 2008

i think this is a clever move pod.
Posted by DaVince 1st February, 2008


Can't run it well under Wine! I guess I'll have to boot into Windows later.
Posted by TheoX 1st February, 2008
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Cool! It's something fun to tide me over for now. I don't know if I'll be making any levels, but the custom ones are amusing!
Posted by Ski 1st February, 2008
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Does it all end in the Underside city for now? I entered a building and fell forever
Posted by renneF 2nd February, 2008
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Posted by alastair john jack 7th October, 2008
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Yeah should be an absolutely wonderful game!
Posted by Ricky 26th November, 2008
Rated :

I can't wait for this game to be ready
Posted by Ricky 26th November, 2008
Rated :

:/ my rating put it in first place. A bunch of idiots are going to come and down rate it now.
Posted by Pixelthief 27th November, 2008
Rated :

oh uh better downvote this right away!
oops finger slipped narr this is quite neat
Posted by -MacAdaM- 27th November, 2008

Posted by Kazuma 2nd December, 2008
Rated :

I don't know what it is, but the whole thing feels random. I couldn't get into it.

It was still great, though.
Posted by markno2 5th December, 2008

Well this Cave-Story level editor is pretty good, but doesn't deserve to be #1. =(
Posted by Ricky 5th December, 2008
Rated :

Considering that this is the best game here, yes it does deserve to be #1
Posted by 3kliksphilip 6th December, 2008

Problem is, it's not a game. It's a level maker.
Posted by Codemonkey 6th December, 2008

Posted by AndyUK 8th December, 2008

Thats a pretty bold statement Ricky. Have you actually even played everything on TDC?
Posted by Ricky 8th December, 2008
Rated :

I'm willing to change my mind if I see a better game, but so far I haven't. Eternal daughter maybe but... that game is too hard. I can't wait for this to be finished in 2012
Posted by Yami 11th December, 2008
Rated :

Ricky's statement is not as bold as it is arguably ONE of the best games here. However, it's times like this I wish Spirit Engine 2 was able to be on here so it could get rated. *sigh*
Posted by Hempuli 13th December, 2008
Rated :

I'll see for the finished game.
This one is very very awesome, and if I had the guts I'd do my own story, but currently the system is a bit too confusing. At least for me.
Posted by UrbanMonk 16th December, 2008
Rated :

Pure Genius
Posted by Rikus 17th December, 2008
Rated :

its great! but since this is just the level editor and not the finished game i'll give it 3 stars,.
Posted by Jon C-B 4th March, 2009
Rated :

Love it! But the level editor keeps crashing for me...
Posted by Dr. James MD 9th July, 2009
Rated :

Well it's a good level editor.





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