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Bernard & Hank: Chickener
Author: Steve Harris Submitted: 4th February, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 157

Ever wanted to create your own game? How about a frogger clone? This tutorial will show you how it's done from start through to finish, with 36 pages of detailed instructions helping you every step of the way.

This tutorial assumes that you have at least the demo version of Multimedia Fusion 2 installed that you can download here:

Included within the download is the full game which also has a built-in highscore system (not available in the tutorial).

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Posted by Dr. James MD 4th February, 2008

What a jolly nice concept!
Posted by markno2 5th February, 2008

There's a typo on the title screen. It's called "chickerner" there. :/
Posted by Steve Harris 5th February, 2008

@ Markno2: Well spotted eagle eyes . We'll get that fixed.

@ Dr.James: What a jolly nice comment from a jolly nice chap!

Forgot to mention... coding & tutorial by me and graphics by Hayo
Comment edited by Steve Harris on 2/5/2008
Posted by 5th February, 2008

yay, got first place!
Posted by Hayo 5th February, 2008
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Oh my goodness I'm stupid.
Posted by Peblo 6th February, 2008

You could've said you did it on purpose.
Posted by The Chris Street 6th February, 2008

Got to ask, how has this got anything to do with Bernard and Hank?

I think you should make B+H 2 (I remember you saying that Springtime Again wasn't a sequel)
Posted by Hayo 7th February, 2008
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Heheh, it just needed a theme. Working on a real BnH game right now. I think of calling it BnH3...
Posted by Airflow 17th February, 2008

lol you're not quite going for origonality. Maybe do what star wars did.





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