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Free Rider
Author: Xhunterko Submitted: 23rd February, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 272

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This is a little snowboard game i made for the christmas competition of 2007. It features a little stick figure on a snowboard going over hills, mountains, and pipes. I really wanted to do a lot more with this project but a didn't have time. It should be relatively bug free and is open source.

The controls are fairly simple. The character moves along at a steady speed and automatically leaps off cliffs. Your job is to perform tricks for a high score. (Yes, i know the scoreboard is cheap, but i didn't have enough time.)

The controls are a, s, d, and f. In the air. To jump up to a pipe, press the up key. To grind on a pipe, jump, then press a trick key, and land the trick on the pipe. The boarder will score points for the trick, and time spent on the pipe. But only one trick at a time though!

Still, this is a fairly simple game with a few levels. I hope you have fun with it, it was a joy to make. Now, get shredding out there!

(On a side note, when your taken to the page, simply click the download button. Pretty simple no? I did mention it was open source right? Meaning, its a mmf 1.5 file, okay?)

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Posted by MBK 24th February, 2008

How do you download this ?
Posted by -Nick- 24th February, 2008

To be honest i can't figure it out either. It just takes me to with no link to your game at all.
Posted by MBK 24th February, 2008

yea .. what he said .. filefront .. no download link
Posted by Xhunterko 25th February, 2008

In other words, the download works now.
Comment edited by Xhunterko on 2/25/2008
Posted by erghhhhx 25th February, 2008
Rated :

Kinda' glitchy movement, but I still like it.
Posted by Fish20 25th February, 2008


Posted by Xhunterko 2nd March, 2008

thanks for the small amount of support tho everyone.
I would like to fix all the glitches and re release it somehow. Maybe another day.
Posted by Fish20 2nd August, 2008

Isn't Free Rider an awsome game much like Line rider but better? Copy name.
Posted by PencilGames 2nd December, 2010

Download DEAD
Posted by Xhunterko 2nd December, 2010

Wait, you want to play this?





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