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Seamless Tester v0.01 beta
Author: Retainer Submitted: 3rd April, 2008 Favourites:0
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Edited By Retainer on 4/3/2008

Just a little application I made to quickly view tiles in different sizes. Saves a lot of time when developing all different kinds of tiles, and when you quickly want to browse through a folder of tiles to see how good it seams up.

Draws instantly.

Not at a final stage at all, but useful none the less

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Posted by Silveraura 3rd April, 2008

Any particular reason why you're on Vista Basic theme? God have mercy on your soul, if you actually bought Vista Basic, considering it's basically a downgrade from XP.
Comment edited by BrandonC on 4/3/2008
Posted by Retainer 3rd April, 2008

My computer broke down, My girlfriend bought a Vista ready PC, without capability of being drivers-wise backwards ready for XP. So there you go You get used to the instability and bad design though. Almost.
Posted by Cecilectomy 4th April, 2008

make an isometric version. i would use that.
Posted by Silveraura 4th April, 2008

Actually, Vista is a step above XP in almost every sense of the word for me. I wasn't saying anything against Vista, I clearly said Vista Basic. Vista Home Premium is perhaps the most worth while of all the versions (Counting XP).

In fact, if you have a Vista Ready PC, and didn't screw anything up, there should be no reason you're not using Aero unless you did get a Vista Basic computer, which do those even exist?
Posted by Retainer 4th April, 2008

Working on an isometric tiling option to the program right now, turning out really well. Will also allow the user to transform a tile to a isometric tile before the next release - v0.11 beta.
What the hell, this might even turn out to be a handy editor

BrandonC - Actually, Vista Home Premium came with the PC. It's setup along with the partitions and everything sucked so bad that I redid the whole thing and w@reZeD Windows Vista Ultimate. Same flaws still remains, but now I atleast have more configuration abilities.
Posted by Cecilectomy 8th April, 2008

if this turns out well i'll probably be using this a lot for my c++ isometric engine. i need a tile maker.





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