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Author: Impresario Submitted: 6th April, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 54

Edited By Rikus on 4/6/2008

Being inspired by the likes of Pencil & Paper, The Yellow Shape and Chalk, I made an attempt at my own Line Draw game.

Directions: Hold the left mouse button to draw a line to connect the 2 Dots, while staying inside the shape. The line MUST cover both Dots.

The more combos you total the more time and score will be added.

It's a 10 Meg file because of the sound files, they sounded terrible compressed. Also you really should use a laser mouse for this, and hopefully I'll get some time and redo a WiiMote version in the future.


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 (10 mkb )

Posted by Ricky 6th April, 2008

A Wiimote versio :0
Posted by Zoglu 7th April, 2008
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I had to play it Image

So, I think it could have been much better. Maybe it's because I like my own game , but... The game takes too much time to start (3 unskippable sequences, for a "small" game), no score or time counters are shown (so you may think you lose for no reason, hopefully there's a combo counter), the lines to draw seem to be always the same, and you have to hold the mouse button to follow them, which is annoying in my opinion. The graphics could have been improved, too. And you could have added more sounds and a music.

It could have been a good game, but you made too many errors while making it, or you made it too quickly. However, if you could make a WiiMote version... it would be amazing ! Image

Comment edited by Zoglu on 4/7/2008
Comment edited by Zoglu on 4/7/2008
Posted by Impresario 7th April, 2008

Thanks for downloading.

Yes I agree it is a bit rushed bit I don't claim to make real games, I sorta just create ideas in my head Image

There is no visible scoring system because I wanted the player to just focus on connecting the dots. This was originally an idea to get my 5 year old neice to learn to use the mouse, and I sorta became addicted to it.

There is a combo system that is very simple.

Connect a set of dots add 100 points.

2 in a row 100 X 2

3 in a row 100 X 3 etc.

Counter starts and caps at 60 secs

2X add 4 secs

3X add 6 secs

4X add 8 secs etc.
caps at 10 secs

The Wiimote object is still in beta, go on over to the Clickteam site and learn to use it Image
Comment edited by Impresario on 4/7/2008
Posted by Zezard 8th April, 2008
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The graphics felt a bit confusing at times, but it was a good and fun game.
Posted by Impresario 10th April, 2008

Can anyone who downloaded this tell me if there was music included? Seems there's a codec issue on some machines(my laptop included)in playing the main theme.
Posted by Zoglu 10th April, 2008
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I didn't hear any music.
Posted by Impresario 10th April, 2008

Hmm Zog you running XP and if you are what version of Media Player are you using?
Posted by Zoglu 11th April, 2008
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I'm using Windows XP and Windows Media Player 11...
Posted by Zezard 11th April, 2008
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It works fine for me (vista and probably the newest MsP I never use that though). I can't see why codecs for a player would have anything to do with whether you can hear the song or not in your game...
Posted by Impresario 11th April, 2008

It's weird some people hear the music some don't. Seems on my laptop It won't play the sound file in Media Player because of a missing codec but atm it's only running version 10.

Kinda at a loss heh. Just seems kind od strange :\





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